Berkley Township Forest Fire (old news)

Ben Ruset

Site Administrator
Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County
I just found this link while going through the Asbury Park Press archives online.

It's a photogallery of images from the fire in Berkley Township, up by where I live. Here's a teaser:



New Jersey has been implimenting a tree thinning practice to prevent monster fires. The link below shows how this has worked on a actual fire. Like the Pine Barrens and don't want to see it gobbled up by fires the way millions and millions of acres have in our national fires? Then you should be happy with the tree thinning program in New Jersey.

Members of congress have gotten together to work a compromise in order to manage our forests to prevent the monster fires we've experienced recently. Members of congress who have been reluctant to allow logging in our national forests have come to undertand the importance of thinning the woods. But, of course, there is your hard core element that overzealously seeks to push its agenda and not play nice with the other girls and boys.