Bigfoot sighting...i swear it wasn't me

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Feb 18, 2008
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Al to answer your question on type changing, I'll bet you are hitting the Control Key and then the I key when you really meant to hit the Shift and the I key. CTRL then I changes to italics.
I read One Mans Wilderness and saw the film several times. It is very interesting and his wood skills and all the other skills he puts to use building his cabin are really amazing. He also had very busy, long and often brutally cold days, making for a rough and lonely life. Watch the film when it is on again, you will enjoy.


Mar 24, 2004
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This thread peaked my curiosity. I had never read the first book, 'One man's Wilderness', only watched the 2 PBS shows, so I got a copy from the local library.

The last time PBS ran the films it was for a donation night. That really ruined the show :(


Apr 4, 2011
I enjoy his descriptions of what he is experiencing. They are simple and clear, with very little embellishment. One can envision exactly what Proennecke was seeing as he was writing in his diary. Don't expect Thoreau.


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Jul 31, 2004
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Dismissed as myth by scientists, Yetis are mainly the province of enthusiasts, and in Russia they've gotten an unexpected boost from the government. Siberian officials this month sponsored nature lovers, scientists and foreigners who claim they have socialized with Bigfoots to attend an International Scientific-Practical Conference on Hominology.

In a remote area of Siberia, local stories and native rituals speak of a "Snow Person," a Russian yeti that has reportedly left footprints in a local cave. WSJ's Alan Cullison reports from Tashtagol.

Hominology, a still-unrecognized branch of biology that studies hairy upright walking creatures, is championed by a handful of Russian devotees who hope to spark a revolution in evolutionary theory by contacting one of the many tribes of Bigfoots they say are living undetected in woods around the world, including in North America and Russia.

With government help, that day may be drawing near. Siberian officials issued a press release saying the three-day event this month turned up "irrefutable evidence" that such a creature—known to locals as a Snow Person—has been squatting in a Kemerovo cave 2,000 miles east of Moscow
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