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Oct 12, 2004
Eatontown, NJ
Can someone give me some directions to get to Calico, or at least to where they think it's supposed to be?

Pictures would be nice too if someone has them...

What's left there?


Well Ben, that will be difficult. I and some others (can't quite remember who), found a house site at Calico. But remembering the details of which forks to take and where to turn is difficult.
I'll try and remember. I know the first thing to do is to go down the road I call the Harrisville-Martha Road. You turn across from the Harrisville paper mill ruins. Just a little bit before you get to the Martha Furnace ruins, which are inside a fence, turn right. You'll know you are on the right track because you should start to see pink blazes on the trees. That means you are on the Batona Trail, which is correct.
Then you will get to another road where you can turn right or left. Turn left there. That's the Calico-Warren Grove Road. I believe you need to take the next left and then turn right into the house site almost right away. That house site is in Calico.
If you don't make that left, but stay on the Calico-Warren Grove Road, then you can bear right at a fork (or it's a right turn, I can't remember), which will be Oswego Road. Along there on your right will be the Ellis Adams Farmhouse site, which Father Beck visited, with Ellis Adams' grandson. That's near, but not in, Calico.
In my Yahoo group you can go into messages, and use the search function to find the old message where I posted the exact mileages and turnoffs to the Ellis Adams Farmhouse site.
Sorry about the sketchy details, but I'm working from memory with a little help from my DeLorme atlas, which is on a relatively small scale.
I'm always having trouble remembering the details in finding these sites. :bang: Then I go and try and find them again and sometimes I get it right the first time.


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Sep 17, 2002
I found it.

Yesterday (Saturday) I found what I'm almost certain is the Ellis
Adams farmhouse site. Ever since I bought the book, Heart of the
Pines, the location of the site has been right under my nose! John,
in the chapter about Martha shows a small portion of the USGS Survey
map that covers Martha and vicinity. He has lines drawn showing where
the Ellis Adams tract is. And now with John telling us that what we
found recently isn't it, well I knew I had to go look. It's on the
Oswego Road, a little past the turn-off of the Calico-Warren Grove
Road, and it's on the right. I drove up there today and kept track of
my odometer readings. So from the turn-off at Martha Furnace (right
turn) it's .6 of a mile to the Calico-Warren Grove Road (turn left).
Then another .3 of a mile to where you turn right onto the Oswego
Road. Then another .3 of a mile to the Ellis Adams farmhouse site on
the right. You park and walk uphill. From the road you can see that
it looks like it was a field. When you go up there you'll see a
severely damaged Catalpa tree just behind the cellar hole. And to the
right of it there's a pile of stones. Also, that's the only place on
Oswego Road anywhere near there that could be it. Everything fits, so
it must be the place. I took pictures too. I also drove further down
the road to the site on the left where all the dirt is piled around
it and where there was a cable across for a while, where other
members went recently. I saw at least 3 foundations. One was huge,
with a cement slab floor. This site is 1.7 miles further down the
road from the Ellis Adams site. Then .3 of a mile further is where
Shamong Road goes off to the left at an angle. I found no evidence of
the residential streets that are on my county map, by the way.


Thanks for posting this. I immediately recognized it as my post from several months ago.
The Ellis Adams House site is apparently near, but not at, Calico. But we did find a house site that was actually at Calico. It's just around the corner from the Ellis Adams house site, as my post above describes.
TeeGate said:
I found it.

Yesterday (Saturday) I found what I'm almost certain is the Ellis
Adams farmhouse site. Ever since I bought the book, Heart of the
Pines, the location of the site has been right under my nose! ....