Colliers Mills Being Heavily Abused by ORV's

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Jason Howell

Nov 23, 2009
Hey Jon -

I see posts from Mr. Howell that don't seem to serve any purpose other then to stir the pot.

Some people here care about what is happening to the land. This location was not known about broadly and so I posted about it specifically. There was also some good discussion in between the trolling.

As far as an agenda goes, mine is quite simple; to stop the slow tide of destruction of some of the most beautiful places in the Pines.
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Jon Holcombe

Dec 1, 2015
I think Jon is trying to gather intelligence on people thinks he 007
Tony, I'll tell you what I just told Tsqurd in a PM.

I reached out to Al Horner to get his take on MAPS, and he politely gave me his viewpoint. Jason Howell reached out to me in an effort, I suppose, to recruit me. Who cares? I told Jason that I am NOT in favor of MAPS and I'll make up my own mind. I don't like people who attack the messenger, like you and Tsqurd. I am a relative newcomer, but I love these woods, and I want access to them. But I don't want idiots who have the "four-wheeling" mindset to ruin that access for me. Jason can post all the videos he wants. The PPA has a point. A good point. I just don't want the roads closed.

In the past couple of years, I have had otters chattering at me, a facedown with a beaver who slapped his tail at me, ice on a frozen bog and icing in the trees, coyotes howling out of sight a hundred feet away, and sunrise over a 20 ft. beaver dam. The other day a pine snake reared up hissing and like to scare me half to death. So I shot him. With my camera.

I've also seen the damage caused by knuckleheads with 4x4's tearing up ruins and roads at Friendship, a group of kids in Jeeps digging a hole in a mud puddle spinning their wheels on Fireline Rd, big ruts from guys doing doughnuts all over the forest, and because of this, some roads have been closed in Wharton. I have no patience with people who view Wharton as a freewheeling playground. If that sounds like the PPA then I don't care. I will not join the PPA, but I have some sympathy with their cause, if not the methods that they have apparently employed, though I cannot attest to that.
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Ben Ruset

Site Administrator
Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County
Ben, please do not lie about me. There was a discussion on this board about appropriate habitat labels(vernal pool versus intermittent pond). You should be more positive and try not to spread rumors. The constant ad hominem "attack the messenger" tactics you use does not do this discussion any service.

Are you for real right now?

Throughout the whole MAP endeavor, all the way back to last summer, you (or the PPA) have been lying and misrepresenting facts. If anybody needs a dose of positivity it's you. It's incredibly disingenuous of you to come on here, throw fire on a discussion, and then cry foul when someone calls you out.

When the messenger comes along and constantly posts the same things without adding anything new to the conversation, that's trolling.

You don't like people driving in the Pines. We get it. None of us like people driving in areas that they should not be in. Do you think that the constant posting of Youtube videos (which, by the way you still haven't offered proof that the latest one was in Colliers Mills besides "it is because I said so") is going to help move the conversation forward? Do you think that your behavior here is going to endear you to anybody?

If I went on the PPA's Facebook page and did what you do here I would surely be blocked. I have been incredibly patient with you while I watch as you sow the seeds of discontent.

I want the conversation to move forward about coming up with concrete ways to help curb off-road abuse. Posting video after video here doesn't do that. We all acknowledge that it's happening. Find a new schtick or find a new place to troll.
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