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    I recall there were some folks here that had interest of the Delaware Water Gap NRA and the building's that remain after the tocks Island Dam fiasco. The NPS has begun a project to identify and preserve; info in the article and a good map at the link in the article. I have visited many of these places including the barn pictured below. For me, I think winter is the best time to explore.



    The immense Boehm Barn, too large to move to Millbrook Village for preservation, still stands in the woods above Old Mine Road, just northeast of Poxono island.

    "Since the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DEWA), observed its fiftieth anniversary in 2015, the park staff has been busy soliciting public comment in order to formulate operational parameters for the future. The plan to address the fate of seven-hundred historic structures that still stand within the park's boundary is now underway, establishing priorities for those that hold any promise for the coming years. DEWA has made a list and map available to help the public evaluate those sites, which also makes a great planner for early spring hikes. Download the map and bring it along to search out some of these places; most won't make the cut. This time of year is perfect, before the prickly invasive multi-flora rosa completely chokes the woods. But take all precaution against ticks if you get off the beaten track. "
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