Hey! Look what I found


Sep 14, 2008
atlantic county
I was in deep today. I was in a gum swamp that no one had any business going in. No hunters because of no deer, no signs of anybody. Just gum and maple trees. There is a cedar swamp close by and I was used to seeing a gread deal of cord roads in there, but I was surprised when I came acrossed a very very old cord road in this gum swamp. It was certainly there due to the nearby cedar swamp but was substaintally older than others I have seen in the area.

Well, I'm looking right and left, up and down the cord road when I nearly tripped on what was right in front of me. What are the chances that I would meet up with this old cord road right where this thing was. I'll let the pictures do the talking so to speak

Pretty cool huh? I suspect I am the first person to lay eyes on this in a very long time. An old lumber wagon (or the wheels and axle of one anyway) that came to rest here many many years ago. right in the middle of the cord road. the spokes are wood, the wheel is of the large hoop variety, but I am confused by the hubs and axle. Would this have been horse driven with hubs like that? I want to welcome thoughts as to the age of this thing.

Hey Jeff! I can not see the photo, what am I doing wrong ? I guess I should come on more often! :D