Interviews for Karen Riley's New Book

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Oct 12, 2004
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From Karen:

Many of you may be familiar with the Pine Barrens books that Karen F. Riley has written: Whispers in the Pines: The Secrets of Colliers Mills, Voices in the Pines: True Stories from the New Jersey Pine Barrens (Plexus Publishing) and Images of America: The Pine Barrens of New Jersey by Arcadia Publishing.
Karen's 5th book will be out in time for Pine Barrens month (October). It is called Legendary Locals of the New Jersey Pine Barrens and will follow a similar format to other Arcadia books - b&w and sepia pictures with bits of text. The focus of this book is on the people of this area who have had an impact, made a difference or are unique in some way to the Pine Barrens.
Besides the names that all jump to mind, such as Howard Boyd or Ted Gordon, Karen is also looking for those individuals who toil behind the scenes; names and faces that might not be universally known but have made an impact in some way. She already has a long list of names and knows that no matter how careful she is, someone will invariably say, "How come so-and-so wasn't in the book?"

Well, here's your chance. She is in the final stages of interviewing, but if you know of someone who should be included (contemporary or from the past - famous or infamous) speak now or forever hold your peace. : ) This is your opportunity to nominate someone worthy of mention, perhaps even yourself!
She has asked me to post this request to the board, knowing that all of you have supported her work, which she greatly appreciates, and knows that you may know people in your travels that deserve some recognition for their contribution to the Pine Barrens.
Please contact her directly at:


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Sep 17, 2002
I had heard she wanted to talk with me but I have never heard anything. It is not like I am hard to contact :D


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Sep 17, 2002
Every photo I have posted has it on it. Does she not come here?



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Oct 25, 2002
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I would think Kerry Jennings, President of the Forked River Mountain Coalition, would be one. He has coordinated the removal of over 500 tons of junk from the Forked River Mountains, and also brought a great deal of attention to the area, causing many conservation groups to jump on the bandwagon and preserve land. He has helped push and coordinate the purchase of much of the land around here.

Russel Juelg is another. A great proponent and teacher. I think he lives in Tabernacle, making him local.
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Hi all - thanks for your help! I value your input. In regard to the comments, my 2nd book, Voices in the Pines: True Stories from the New Jersey Pine Barrens, was written at the same time Bob Birdsall was writing People of the Pines, both published by Plexus. His focused more on the photographs, being he was an incredible photographer, with ghostwritten content.

Mine was released a year later and focused more on in-depth interviews and first person accounts. Russell Juelg appeared in Chapter 13; he, like the others, was a lot of fun to interview.

For my book launch held at Buzby's, we had folks from the book at the event signing autographs and answering questions (Russ was one of them). How often do you get to meet the people in the book at the time you purchase it? We hope to do the same with this new one; it was a lot of fun - details to follow...

The new book - Legendary Locals of the New Jersey Pine Barrens - will be more like the classic Arcadia books (with b&w and sepia photos - no color) you see in the stores, such as my 3rd book - Images of America: The Pine Barrens of New Jersey. What makes this book different from other Arcadia books is that this one is solely on the people - I am looking for past and contemporary. There will be some overlap with former books (Birdsall's and mine) but a lot of new faces and people I bet those on this board haven't met!

I'm sure you also have a lot of folks in mind, so feel free to pass on leads. Bobpbx - thanks for passing on Kerry Jennings; I will follow up on it.


Aug 24, 2012
I nominate Jerseyman! Who else in this modern-day besides Bud Wilson knows so much about the history of the Pines?