Naked man hiking.

Don Catts

Aug 5, 2012
Indian Mills
It never entered my mind to go naked in the woods. However, I do remember in 1966 while working on the reconstruction of Cinnaminson Ave in Cinnaminson I met a woman that belonged to a Garden Club. They would meet at Batsto on the weekends, stripe down naked and go picking and photographing wild flowers in the forest. I remember thinking I should go down and follow them, but they were too old for me at the time. Now I guess they would be too young for me.
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Dog Daze Hiker

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Aug 9, 2015
Wharton State Forest
Not a reply but something that was on my mind for awhile. Have you ever seen trucks, vans, etc rocking, noise, sounds, voices but no one to be seen in these vehicles? Have seen this a couple of times. Speaking of which, I've reaped a little of that when I decided to be free on occasion. It was fun but certainly unexpected.
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I read a book about the Appalachian trail once and it referred to nude hikers at Sunfish Pond NJ.There at least at the time the book was written around 1980 no laws forbidding nudity on federal land so you legally could prance around nude on federal land which the AT was.I"m not sure if this refers to state land which Wharton and Stokes state forest are.He may legally be allowed to do this on state property.There is also a sport called Canuding,give you one guess what that is.

It's a Appalachian Trail tradition to hike naked on the first day of summer. Or, at least, all the thru-hikers dare each other to hike naked that day, I don't think too many folks actually do it.

When I got a tour of Sandy Hook from someone who worked there, he claimed that the waitresses from Hooters came out to the nude beach one day a week to get some sun in the proper places. I'm 99% sure he was kidding though, there has never been a person at a nude beach outside of Brazil that anyone was interested in seeing naked.

Interestingly, the nude beach at Sandy Hook is unofficially divided into gay and straight areas. If I remember, straight folks are supposed to go to the north end of the beach, and gay folks are supposed to go to the south end. I could be wrong on which is which though, so don't come blaming me if you head to the wrong end!
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