New Jersey Governor Targets Hunters in 2021 Budget Proposal

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Sep 17, 2002
Gov. Murphy proposed a new budget for fiscal year 2021 that would, among other things, hike gun and hunting permit fees up to 2,000 percent in some cases under the guise of “balancing the budget” during the pandemic.



Jan 13, 2012
This man needs to be voted out next election! I have had enough of his BS!!!!! Pretty soon we will not be able to afford to live in this state any longer. :argh: One thing I enjoy is being in the woods with my children hunting and trap shooting.
Jul 12, 2006
Gloucester City, NJ
I like the Murph. He's got a hard job to do. Don't agree with all his actions, but he is a man of action.

By the way, why should a bear tagging fee cost just $2 anyway? It costs the state a lot more than that to implement the program.

Oh man. On this board, political topics are typicality frowned upon, but here you go baiting, with a statement like this.

So which is it? I'd be more than happy to engage.

Ben Ruset

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Oct 12, 2004
Eatontown, NJ
I don't think saying "I like our governor" and not totally fawning over the guy is political. Neither is what Guy wrote when he started the post. A potential hike in hunting fees is sort of relevant to what the site is.

Someone saying "I'm happy to engage" in what would invariably become a toxic mess of a thread is definitely frowned upon. Feel free to slag it out in PMs or on any of the other forums on the internet that have been turned into garbage cans because of the back and forth over politics. There is no shortage of them.
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