New Moderator - Boyd

Ben Ruset

Site Administrator
Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County
Given the recent, um, discord in the ranks of Pine Barrens loving people and the increase in the number of less than stellar quality posts I've asked long time member Boyd if he would help out with keeping discussions on track and free from egregious trolling and name calling.

Boyd has been a member here since 2004, and during that time he's been a wonderful addition to the forum. So he has my complete confidence as he takes on this extra, often thankless, new role here.

Both myself and Teegate will continue doing what we do as well.

PS: Boyd has a pretty awesome LIDAR map of the Pines that he has put on his site. Go check it out.


Mar 24, 2004
Coastal NJ
We don't need no steeeenking monitors, we have super moderators :D

Uh Oh, he got demoted already. Tough job :p