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Sep 17, 2002
I have been meaning to mention this many times in the past and this incident has finally pushed me to finally write this. This is me saying this and Ben has no knowledge of it.

It is not good practice and maybe even illegal to take a photo from a website and post it elsewhere. If you want to show that photo elsewhere you simply post a link to the page that displays that photo and give credit to the site that hosts it. Taking a photo from this site and storing it elsewhere keeps the owner of that photo from seeing the comments being made about them. Plus, it is not your photo to take and store elsewhere.

I post my photo's on this site so that THIS site gets the viewers. Please do not take my photo's and store them anywhere else. They are my photo's to store where I want them stored. If you want to have them on your site just link to the post and not the individual photo's and anyone who clicks on that link on your site will be able to view them in the thread I created. That is the proper way to do it and the only way.

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Mar 24, 2004
Coastal NJ
That is the hazard of posting photo's on the internet. In reality there is no way to stop it; making the image small and low quality or disabling the right click function deters some and the passive methods to inhibit it, such as copyright, can get expensive and that does not stop the download. The only real recourse is legal to recover damages. I have successfully done this for photo's of mine that were being used on other sites and print for someone else's profit, but it is not a deterrent. Very simply; if you do not want it stolen, don't post it. I put a watermark to all my photo's, but that will not stop someone dead set on stealing it, and make no mistake, that is what it is.

Ben Ruset

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Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County
You can't prevent the theft of images but you can discourage them. Disabling the right click and having the web server not allow remote hot linking of images will make it harder, but not impossible, for content to move from here to anywhere else.

The best you can do is watermark your images, and every now and then do a reverse Google Image search to see if they pop up elsewhere on the net.