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Jul 31, 2004
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Based on those old photos that Guy posted, I think Bill has a twin brother :)

I've never been much of a Bill Gates fan, but have always respected his intellect and accomplishments. He's a true American Genius. And his work with the foundation is admirable. Will be fascinating to see how this next chapter in his life unfolds.

But Steve Ballmer is no Bill Gates. I think we are witnessing Microsoft's long, slow slide to irrelevancy. I know that Mark and Ben don't agree with this, but the Yahoo bid ended just as badly as I expected (http://forums.njpinebarrens.com/showthread.php?t=5019), leaving Wall Street skeptical about the leadership and direction of the company.

As an investment, you would have done better with your money in a savings account during the past 4 years. It's sad to see a company which was once so innovative and powerful wander without direction today. It seems like the poster child for "design by committee" these days. I think Bill Gates provided the vision and guidance they needed, but it got too big and Bill just lost interest. Vista has not done anything to improve the business world's opinion of Microsoft either.

Have you ever seen this parody - which was done by a Microsoft employee a couple years ago? Very funny, and I think it hits the nail right on the head:


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Sep 17, 2002

I think maybe only a Mac owner and loyal user will understand the simplicity of the Mac and their products, packaging, and commercials over the years :)

In any event, many Windows users will one day see there is another computer company out there that has better idea's and realize they were late getting on the boat. A few PC users I work with have switched to Mac recently, and a famous person on this site recently has "again", but I maybe should not have said that. :D With that said, while many are changing the company I work for is switching from Mac to PC and I see another Microsoft in the making. When will they ever learn!