Pasadena (the town, not the ruins)

Ben Ruset

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Oct 12, 2004
Eatontown, NJ
Okay, well we all know a lot about the ruins of the factory and whatnot, but in Beck's book, he mentions the town (briefly) while sharing the campfire story of the bubbling well from hell.

Has anyone found any ruins/cellarholes of houses around Pasadena? Or, perhaps, was the village of "Bullock" part of Pasadena at one time?

And when did the area's name change to Wheatland?


Haven't found anything there other than the factory, but I did find a small piece of information about the town:
It's post office operated from 1903 to 1915. I have a postal card with a perfect, clear Pasadena postmark on it. The scan of it is in one of the ghost towns galleries in the Yahoo Group, along with my Pasadena photos. Take a look if you haven't yet.
To me know a little of the Postal history of a ghost town helps to make the place more real to me, as far as it being a real town at one time.


bruset said:
Nice postmark. Did that come from ebay?
Yes, I got that off of Ebay. I got a Pleasant Mills postmark too. I also got a Wading River postmark by accident. Many years ago I got a bundle of 1905-25 Atlantic City postcards (40 of them I believe) for $20. On the back of one of them was a Wading River postmark from just a few months before the Wading River post office closed for good. The postmark was in December 1923.