Piney Poetry at Buzby's

Bill Sprouse

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Dec 17, 2014
Mexico City
I witnessed someone recite the following epic poem the other day at Buzby's and have tried to transcribe it the best I could, but there were parts I couldn't understand. And many mysteries even among the audible parts. For just one, I don't know if the protagonist is "Old Zeph?" or "Old Zeth?" I WANT it to be "Zeph." But I don't know why.

Anyhow, if anyone can help decipher it, or shed some light on its origins, I'd be very interested to hear thoughts. I don't know if this was something delivered more or less extempore or if it's traditional. Also, I have mixed thoughts on having captured it, like a lightening bug, out of the ether as it were. But I thought I'd share it for the time being.

"Me and old Zeph went hunting one day
We had him on the scene
This lop-eared doe come a’running through she never [garbled letp] no man
Old Zeph was standing just like a brick
Just standing like a rock
(Jesus, you’re right)
Just waiting for her to rustle
Then this big eight-pointer came cracking through
Old Zeph knew just what to do
[Sighted?] his shot a little low on the head
When the shot rang out
The buck fell dead.
(Yeah. Yee whoo.)
Then we all gathered ‘round to see the kill.
And drink some hooch from Snyder’s Fill.
(Snyder’s Fill)
(Made that back in Red Onions. Nobody knows about that.)
Ah, we took that buck to the club house grounds
And men with cameras they gathered round
Old Zeph got his [garbled] beside the deer and pictures were taken from far and near."
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