Review – The Domestic Life of the Jersey Devil

I just finished this one last week (picked it up at Lines on the Pines). I definitely enjoyed it. Although Mr. Sprouse seems to be lacking in the whimsy department, it's a nice, historical counterpoint to the McCloy-Miller books, with a personal touch. I especially enjoyed his stories of growing up in South Jersey (I can totally get behind his well-thought out research plan... aka talking to people at Wawa), which broke up what might have been much more boring if it was straightforward, and his relationship with his grandmother was touching in how it was laid out.

I actually liked the jumping around-topics-bef0re-getting-back-to-the-point in the book. It made it feel like the whole thing was unfolding organically as a story, rather than just being laid out in a more standard, straightforward (boring) manner. That might just be the Irish in me though.
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