Stone And Property Corner Searching...Fall/Winter 2020-2021


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Sep 17, 2002
I have Ford written in my notes. Opps! I also have 1947


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
The second line of the deed quoted above says:

North 25 degrees 35 minutes West 1796.56 feet to an old stone

This location is on the West side of the pond off of Stephenson road shown at the link below. However, it is in the area west of the pond that did not burn making it somewhat of a challenge to get to.

We decided to cross the stream further North and bypass crossing at the pond. Upon arriving at our location on Stephenson we heard hound dogs barking nearby and soon a man and one of the dogs emerged from the woods. The man explained the dog was a pup and did not follow the rest of the crew. Very shy.

View attachment 14485

View attachment 14486

Then off we went looking for the stone. The going was easy until the last 900 feet. And we wasted our time because it is either not there or underground.

We did on our way there find a wooden bridge by the back of the pond and found an easier way back. There actually is a small cedar swamp there which you may want to check out. I would also try and cross the bridge and visit the other side. A nice place to relax and explore.

View attachment 14487

The view from the back of the pond.

View attachment 14488

The path in and we used it to exit.

View attachment 14489

It has been one year tomorrow since Bob, Jessica and myself visited the old tuck out there, and earlier in the morning Jessica and I went there again.

Here is a Then & Now from last year and this year.

View attachment 14490

Now, we had the truck as a 1947 Ford. However, what does this look like you you? Isthat GMC?

View attachment 14491

Jessica bypassing a large puddle.
Not a fan of walking sticks myself but I think I"d appreciate one in that situation.


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Sep 17, 2002
Back on 12/24 in post 26 we found the beginning corner to three surveys mentioned here.

Beginning at a large stone on the west edge of the Little Sykes Branch, being also the beginning corner of Anthony Sykes "Mine Survey" made A.D. 1762 for 650 acres, of which this tract is a part, and the same point being the beginning corner of William Griffith's survey of 4085 acres A.D. 1819; also the beginning corner of Thomas Newbold's 73.34 acres, A.D. 1819.

Today, we went looking at the second location.

West 6042 feet to an old stone

That location led us to this ATV disturbed stream off of Stevenson Road at the location the pointer is showing. Unfortunately we did not find a stone, only a more recent monument that my walking stick damaged when hitting it.



A view of the area.


Along Stephenson Road someone has been shooting clay pigeons and Jessica noticed this in a tree.

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Oct 25, 2002
Pines; Bamber area
That's Terry's stream. To drive down that stream is a moronic thing to do. No sense at all. Those people doing that are ignorant and care nothing about the environment.


Mar 24, 2017
Haddon Township
I've been in that area a good number of times in the past 5 years; and I'm planning to go back this year. During the years I visited, there were remnants of ATV tracks, but nothing new had appeared during that time.


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Sep 17, 2002

Back in 2011 Jessica and I spent a full day exploring an area deep in the woods off of Bards Bridge Road, and along the Wharton property line, looking for property stones. I have been wanting to get back there and since Jessica was not feeling well I decided today was the day. As I was about to walk out the door she changed her mind and came along.

Much of the property in this area is Shamong Township and state land but there were private pieces along our way. I had many of the corners in my GPS and delicately maneuvered us through the woods to stay as much as we could off of private land. After walking forever we made our way to the property corner on this circa 1900 map of the Sorden family. That stone is a property corner for Wharton today, and the Sorden property is now owned by the state.



From there we traveled an ATV trail that drove right along the Wharton line to another stone that is right in the middle of an ATV trail. Watch the video below and turn up your sound.


I have pretty good evidence now that the old map above is inaccurate, or the Wharton survey team made some mistakes in the 1950s. We went looking for another corner where I felt the true corner of the magenta arrow shown above was located, and look what we found at that location, telling me that a previous surveyor in the past 5 years or so felt the same.


If Jessica looks cold in all of the photos is because she was. She had a fever and is feeling really bad even now.

Anyway, walking along the Wharton line.


We then traveled to the corner with the orange line.


That corner is along a dike telling me that most likely the Sordens were trying to make a bog out of their property. They were a cranberry bog family and owned a few right along 206 above Atsion.


Jessica took this of me taking the above photo.


Some nice cedars in the area.


By this point she had about had it so we traveled the long walk back to our car on Bards Bridge Road.



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Sep 17, 2002
Hmmmm. Very strange. It seems like everywhere you found a stone, there was a State monument about 10.00' or 8.00' away.
What COULD that mean ???
We know what that means, but obviously those that should don't know. :D
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