Feb 24, 2006
Fredericksburg VA
I was reading brusets story about his first time in the pines and the fear of getting stuck. It got me thinking of unexpected hikes and sleepouts due to spinning tires.spinning tires have a special sound in the deep dark of a pine barrens night, I can hear them so clear as I think of my many misadventures. Not to mention hours of digging on hands and knees with the best improvised shovel you could manage.
I remember one time out near high crossing when my buddy ray decided to go through a puddle at about sixty mph in his subaru. (actually this is more of a breakdown story then a stuck story but I am always changing thread topics) The car goes thru and just dies on the other side, stone dead won't even crank. Well it is march and about 34degrees out with a light mist falling just to enhance the ambiance. There was no way we were walking out in the dark so we some how managed a fire and we slept on the floor mats beside it. in the morning we walked north to the tracks and then out to Atsion. We walked down to the wagon wheel to use the pay phone. it was sunday and my brothers first son was being christened and everyone I knew was there. Ray's wife was not answering the phone. Well long story short we walked most of the way to Rays place in folsom,got tools, climbed in my truck and drove back. Turned out to be a fuse.And yes he had a spare in the fuse block.
I remember another night out near apple pie when me and Sam spent 5 hours scrapping cold mud from beneath my old nissan pick up. On the way home we were starved, I stopped at the gas station at rt.72 and jackson road.I remember telling the girl at the counter that we wanted some hot dogs. She said " how many" I said " all of them" .It was like 2 am and there must have been ten hot dogs that looked like they were over done about three hours before. Boy with enough mustard they were tasting pretty good.
The worst was the night I sunk my pickup. It was that big puddle on the way to apple pie, last left before carranza turns to dirt. It was a little deeper then it looked, by about three feet. I still remember the look on my friends face as the engine sputtered to a stop and the icy water began rising over our feet and up our legs, "smooth" was all he said.

Ben Ruset

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Oct 12, 2004
Eatontown, NJ
I was reading brusets story
You can just call me Ben.

I used to have a 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. That was my first Jeep - bought it right after the Mercury to explore the woods with.

Well, I was riding around (with a girl) and wanted to be a show off. Plowed right into a puddle and got stuck. The frame sat on land, and the wheels dangled off into ruts.

Fortunately some hunters came along and pulled me out, and they wouldn't accept any money from me for their help. Since then I always try to go around puddles or at least hang close to the edges. Even when I had my Rubicon - which would drive up the side of a wall of butter - I was very cautious.


Sep 7, 2005
Gosh. Stuck.
Plenty of stories on this board I'll bet. I have had a few goodn's. usually associated with depraved behavior and oft deserved. Always with a positive outcome. One chart topper was turning one jeep on it's side in a puddle, fed by a stream, at night, one pissed off wet friend and a very unhappy dog. Righted it with an old come-a-long and some willpower. Dried it out, started and off we went. My friend never forgave me.
There were others. Ahh good times.



May 4, 2007
I got plenty of stuck stories too, but once i think it was either 92 or 93 when we had that really bad blizzard. At the time i was 11 or 12, my Dad and friend decided to go camping the night before, The next morning we woke to some snow on the ground and it was still coming down, So we packed up and decided to head out( we stealth camped, were not at campsite) Well the pines can look a lot different with snow all over so we had trouble finding our way out, But the big problem was that all the small pines that lined the road had so much snow that they bent down coverig the road from both sides, We had to get out and shake the trees for 50 feet, drive 50 feet, get out and shake the trees again, it would take us about 20 min to go 100 feet,
Nov 12, 2007
atlantic county
i have slept in the pines a few times from being stuck or swamped in trucks but my favorite memory is when my subaru engine was flooded from pulling the same stunt as grendel trying to drive through a puddle doing 50 mph there has also been plenty of times i was too drunk to drive out of the woods so i slept by the fire and also plenty of nights it just seemed like a good idea to sleep among the trees ha gotta love the great outdoors :D
Nov 12, 2007
atlantic county
ha another time i can remember is getting stuck bad in my buddes ford (figures) it was the night before easter and by the time we reached a phone is was mornin to make matters worse it was daylight savings needless to say i missed easter brunch with my family because i was 4-wheeling in manchester it was so worth it just wish i was behind the wheel i have never sunk a vehicle in mud i have a feel for the stuff :)


Jul 29, 2003
Yeah, never say never. :) My first incident came during one of my recent photo shoots (near midnight, of course), at Oswego Lake, when I tried a hole that wasn't nearly as deep as I'd remembered. The front of my truck did a submarine thing -- nearly totally submerged! Smoke and bubbles. I managed to back it out in "super low" gear after some serious rocking, but I've become much more cautious since.


Nov 24, 2007
non 4-wheel drive roads

Question - are there any roads that are suitable for a non-4-wheel drive vehicle in the vicinity of the batona trail between batsto and evans bridge and evans bridge and absegami lake? I'm looking to do a small section with someone who hasn't gone walking in a long time and would like to break the sections up...especially evans bridge to absegami.


Apr 1, 2005
Ooops, I missed it all this time. (over a month?)

That's fine that it's here. Altough I've only met a few of you, I consider you all friends. By all means, if you need help, I'm here.