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Feb 20, 2004
Pestletown, N.J.
If you care to, can you explain why the hypothesis sounds crazy to you?

My response will be this Gabriel:

A theory that celestial conflagrations and random collisions of cosmic debris (F. Zappa 1974), followed by the miraculous precipitation, accumulation and reorganization of such debris into orbiting masses; followed again by an incomprehensively slow transformation resulted in planets such as this Earth and all of the wonders of the human existence, will never be believable to me.

While I am at it, can someone adequately explain how I evolved from a single celled organism in a puddle and ended up with an iris, a cornea, a retina and an optic nerve that work together with my brain to produce a beautiful color image ? Or how about those little fluid filled canals and filaments inside my head that let me know which end is up ?
(Rhetorical. Please do not respond.) :)
End of hijacked thread.

Hey ! How 'bout them Pine Barrens ?

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Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
I think this would be your position Gabe. and this would be mine.

I find it funny that the Creationist argument makes the claim that if the moon were ever closer to the earth then 11,5000 miles the physics would rip the moon apart into saturn like rings.The Uniformitarian argument avoids this supposedly by stating that the moons original distance was about 14,000 miles from earth.How do they know this? Seems to magically avoid having the moon ripped to shreds but where did it appear from? How did it magically just appear far enough away to avoid instant death? What pushed it? Why is it blasted to smithereens on the close side but barely pummeled on the far side? Could be a few answers here? ?