The Ongs Hat Conspiracy Tonight: Did Time Travel Happen?


Mar 7, 2004
(Thought you guys might be interested in this...this was the PR Letter we sent to our listening boards)

Join the GAGLIARCHIVES tonight 10/30/04, at
10pm EST, for a special New Jersey Pine Barrens Halloween Special: The Ong's Hat Conspiracy. Friend and author, Joseph Matheny joins us for an exclusive interview discussing the events that transpired in the late 1970's in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Did renegade scientists from Princeton University and other prestigious institutions escape to the Pines and master Chaos theory and Time Travel? Did the U.S. Military invade the compound deep within the woods of Burlington County and dismantle the compound? Join us for this fascinating live interview where Joseph reveals all. We'll feature music from Goblin, Il Baletto Di Bronzo, Univers Zero, Pulsar, Morte Macabre, the new Happy The Man, Riptyde, Amygdala...and many more...join us for this special Halloween special...and a spotlight on our #1
album for the 6th week in a row from Norway's White Willow and the Storm Season CD. Stay Tuned!

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Ben Ruset

Site Administrator
Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County
Stu said:
Time travel? Supposed to be inter-dimensional travel I thought. Time travel was Montauk.

And the Philadelphia Experiment. (At least the movie version.)

One of the best time travel movies is "The Final Countdown" when the 1980s USS Nimitz travels back to time to 1942.

You get to see F-14's vs. Mitsubishi Zeros.


Mar 7, 2004
THanks Steve!
It was a great rerun. I went up and saw Happy The Man perform up in Metuchen and was on the TP and heard the replay on the way back to the Station Saturday. Still weird after all these years to hear yourself on the radio. heh



Mar 7, 2004
I got some cool mp3's that I can send to you. Or upload them to you somehow. Let me know what's easier...Went out again today. Even played hookie to do it. What's wrong with me. :)