The Penn Branch Trail

Nice job John! I love the maps in particular, especially the lidar one, was a really nice addition. I haven't mountain biked in a long time, but I'm thinking maybe its time to give part of this trail a try.

One quibble with the quote from the fellow at JORBA at the end of the article, "The Penn Branch Trail mileage markers were designed, manufactured, and hung in the appropriate places by a Explorer Scout group from Hammonton."

The group that did the work was the Boy Scout Troop (not an Explorer Post) from Berlin, NJ. The Scout whose Eagle project it was went to Hammonton High School, so that might have been where the confusion was.

One of my Scouts was reminiscing the other day about this one, as it was his first Eagle project that he went to. The Scouts were split into groups to hang the signs, and each group had to ride around their section (a good chunk of trail each) to get theirs hung up. In his group, he was the only one to remember a backpack, so he had to mountain bike his section carrying all the signs. He was not really happy about it :)


Aug 26, 2011
Thanks Mike! I have to give full credit to @ecampbell for the Lidar idea, I got it from his past post on the trail. (I asked him if it was ok first :) ). Also, thanks for the correction.


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Sep 17, 2002

The Superintendents (Flo) full name is Florence McNelly. Here are two photos of her. Sorry they are so poor. The light in the room was causing me problems. Ben might have a better one as he was there that day also.



Ben should be able to easily edit that if you want it edited.