Trying to pick a campground on Batona Trail...


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Oct 6, 2013
Dennis Township NJ
So the cabin fever has gotten to me and the fam so we are going on a 3 day 2 night hiking/camping trip on the Batona Trail. Called up the offices and got all the info and we are going out in about two weeks. Now trying to decide on a campsite/campground. We are considering starting at Batsto so we can walk back to the village during the day. Haven't decided yet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We have kayaks but certainly aren't going to carry them 5+ miles with packs to kayak in the creek at lower Forge. Also interested in sites that we could drive my truck to and hike out on "explorations". So throw out your ideas!

Ben Ruset

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Oct 12, 2004
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So you're not walking the whole length of the trail?

Well, your only campground option that is in a "walkable" distance to Batsto is Buttonwood Hill at Crowleytown. That campground has no water. In Wharton State Forest the only state campgrounds that offer any sort of facilities are Atsion and Godfrey Bridge, neither of which are on the Batona Trail. I think that the campsites along the Batona are spaced so that they're roughly one day's hike from each other.

Obviously it all depends on how well you can sell "roughing it" to the rest of the family.


Feb 20, 2004
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You could drive close to Lower Forge, leave your vehicle and base camp out of there with your kayaks.
Same goes for the Mullica River camp below Lock's Bridge. You can drive to close by areas and leave your vehicle.
Some risk involved with leaving the vehicle in the woods for three days though.

Jersey Jeff

Jun 22, 2012
If you have kayaks, I recommend paddling from Atsion to Mullica River Wilderness campground and then on to Pleasant Mills the next day. If you leave early in the day, you can set up camp at Mullica River and then explore the area on foot. RednekF350's suggestion may also work too. Since vehicles are not allowed in Mullica, leave your car within walking distance of the campground if you want to leave some supplies there. I discourage storing any valuables in your car though.

Godfrey and Hawkin Bridge campgrounds are a short walk north of the Batona Trail too. I've seen a few backpackers stay there over the years. Both sites have water and pit toilets and are located on the Wading River in case you want to get your toes wet.