We're Back!

Ben Ruset

Site Administrator
Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County
After what was the worst database crash I've ever seen we're back and running on a new server. The hard disk on the old one corrupted and unfortunately my backups were no good.

Anybody who registered past May 6, 2008 will need to re-register their accounts.

Knock on wood most of the posts will be here. You may see some weird things here and there, or some data loss. Let me know if you run into problems.

I've already seen one thread disappear, but it was one that was corrupt before, so it may have been deleted in one of the repair operations. Sorry Scott!


Jun 17, 2007
Long Valley, NJ
I saw that one yesterday when it happened, and thought "Oh man, that doesn't look good." I was just getting ready to post a reply on the sawmill thread. Clicked a link to look at some other page on the forum and saw the error come back. Then I noticed that I could still pull the front page, but the post dates seemed to have rolled back.

Kudos, man, for managing this and a family, and working where you work :).


Site Administrator
Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Thanks for all your work Ben, it's appreciated. I have seen a few strange glitches for the past couple days and wondered what was up. A couple times I would click on a thread from the main page and then get a permission error.

I tried to post a response to the sawmill thread yesterday morning, and when I went to submit my words of wisdom I got an error saying that no valid thread was specified. Then the whole sawmill thread disappeared from the forum. But a little later I checked back and it was there again.

Glad everything is back up and running now!


Sep 14, 2008
atlantic county
I see all my old posts are there even though I had to re-register. The old posts say 'gipsie' followed by 'guest'. Thanks to the PTB for all the hard work you must put into this site.I know it is a lot of work, but does not go unappreciated. I love this site!:)