Why can't I lose this gut?

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Apr 4, 2004
Browns Mills, NJ
Hey wait a minute! Everyone else got to beat the dead horse, why not me? I should have read the update here before posting on another forum stating this weight thing only offered good advice. Obviously, it did not. Poking fun is cruel, funny how people know who to pick on out of a crowd. I am sure if it were any of the more popular members the jabbing would have never escalated to the extent this did.
Give the man some credit, he tried several times to ignore the remarks and even steer back on the original topic of weight. But most of you kept it up.
Are we getting bored with the pinebarrens? Is this our new form of entertainment here?
I've seen alot of you guys in person. And quite a few could use a damn good diet yourselves. You all like your beer, and it shows. My self included here, but I never made fun.
As for the bathroom thing...he doesn't live in the sticks where he can go most anywhere, anytime. One is very limited living in towns and cities. If any establishment doesn't want unpaying customers using their bathrooms, they should post it. Being a woman, there has been times I've had to do the same as Longislandpiney, only difference is, most people will not admit it. I tell it like it is, the way we real pineys do.

Anyway, no sense beating a dead horse. That meat is on it's way to Wendy's anyway.

He's gone, lets all move on.


Jun 17, 2007
Long Valley, NJ
With all due respect suresue, the weight thing is the least of it. Nothing in this thread escalated beyond some light ribbing, and any of us who have been on the net for very long have been on the receiving end of as bad or worse ourselves. The weight topic, you may recall, comes after he posted links to his Youtube rant videos, got Ben's site involved in a Youtube shoving match involving a fake porn queen, snapped pictures of girls he saw on the street and posted them here as examples of girls he'd like to date, and started a discussion involving the same fake porn queen and his belief in aliens.

Ben runs a very focused site, and I think he's been more than tolerant of this guy, even to the extent of giving him his own chunk of NJPB disk space to play with.

Ben Ruset

Site Administrator
Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County
Listen, why is it appropriate to come on a Pine Barrens forum and talk about how you can't lose weight? And why you're single? And here, look at these pictures of these girls that I think are cute... And talk about the Long Island Pine Barrens...

I don't mind a certain amount of off-topic discussion -- I think it's healthy for the community. But at the same time people should know how to self censor themselves and know what is appropriate and not appropriate to post. Posting threads on Valentines Day about how lonely you are will only open yourself up to abuse from other people. Letting him talk about whatever he wants then turns me into the position of having to become a police officer and shield him from other people's comments, which will pretty much just be abuse. He opened himself up for it.

I am sure that if anybody here (even these so called "more popular people") started opening themselves up in the way that LIP did, they would get the same sort of abuse.

I gave the guy a LOT of slack. If he wants to get upset because I have a difference of opinion with him regarding the use of private bathrooms by unpaying customers, that's his problem. Nothing I said to him was abusive or out of line. It's common courtesy to patronize the business that you're using the bathroom in. But it's such a ridiculous thing, and one that, had he just talked to me off-line, could have been handled better.

If anything, LIP got preferential treatment from me. He got his own sub-forum, and the one restriction I put on him was to not launch tirades against illegals, which is a very divisive, political topic that will not have any positive effect on the forum. I personally did not like the LI threads, and I felt that the Long Island pictures that were going to show up in the random rotation on the front page were not good for the site, but I let it slide. Now I see giving him that extra bit of preferential treatment was wrong.

When you run a website, especially a community site such as this, you're forced to take on the role of (hopefully) benevolent dictator. I've made mistakes in the past, but I like to think that on a whole the site is so successful because of the way that this place runs. Many of you are members on Renee's and Barry's sites, and you can just as easily post there, but you choose to come here to do so, which makes me happy. I run this site as a way to give back to the Pine Barrens, since the woods have done so much for me.

That said, the site runs the way that I want it to. I am always open to suggestions, and on many occasions I have listened to the sage advice of others, but the final word comes down to me. If people don't like the way that I run this place then they're free to leave.
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