Wing thing re-cap....(keeping it civil)


Feb 4, 2009
a the pines
Blessed Gloria,
Thank you for your incredible visit and finding time to share with so many of us.....and it 'aint over yet! Your kindness and warmth are appreciated by us all.

Ecampbell is like a PB Indiana Jones....can't wait to hear about another of his adventures - dragging equipment through the wilds and the tiny trails, climbing, crawling, scuba diving....amazing. Lovely dinner partner too! Oji is so friendly and warm and full of projects. Geez, I mean good projects. Railroad fans may want to get on the proverbial train and help with volunteering at the Pemberton RR Museum. Oji does good things there and they could use more help.
Whip, whip, whip you are a gem! I watched you keeping an eye on our behavings..... Your company is as familiar and comfortable as the fantastic photo journals you share with us weekly. AND, speaking of that, have you shared with Alfie our loving tribute to his absence? Allow me to do so so here. Alfie, we missed you so terribly and longed for your presence that we all chipped in and made you a lovely bouquet of left-over french fries, cheap flowers from the centerpiece and some beer souveniers from the emcees of the evening game show. If we had stayed much longer, it would have been Tuesday and we would have called you....just for fun. In the event that the bouquet doesn't make it to you, this is what it looked like. Your presenter is quite the catch.


Thank LARGO for his talented tales and magical words:


The ever thoughtful Jerseyman for bringing party favors in the way of historic material, contributions to the game show, and grace.


Redneck and Dottie have the most fantastic outdoor adventures. It would be nice if this week's did not include COWS (dead or alive). What a pleasure to share an evening with them....Happy B-day Dottie! My Pine Baron buddy is always a great lift to my spirits with his easy demeanor and quick laughs. How did Gabe and Yvonne manage to sneak in without being noticed? Were they lurking from the bar on our festivities? :) Gabe didn't order wings, he filled up on the appetizers:


Alas our festivities ended on happy notes.....A truly enjoyable evening with kindred souls.....hope to do it again sometime.


P.S.....I know you are all jealous of my fabulous doll head with the moss green hair....she does not have a cookie brush mustache. Oji, she was on the forest floor and I think she would loose the hair lustre if I put her on a tree branch.... ? And yes I rejoice in hearing my first frogs of the season! :) Thanks all! Gabe, check out your dog in my gallery....he's got glowing white Cujo eyes.....fix that!




Jul 29, 2003
Whip, whip, whip ... have you shared with Alfie our loving tribute to his absence?

No, Turtle. I had a long ride home and decided to consume Alfie's tribute. I saved the flower, though. One expects it will be wilted by the time I get around to delivering it.

I'm terribly sorry, gang, for not contributing a single correct trivia answer. I thought I had the Charlie's Angels question nailed, but Oji quickly informed me I was wrong with that one, too. Drat.

Quite a symphony of personalities attending, for sure! It was fun leaning back and enjoying the show.

(George. You ROCK! :) )


Sep 7, 2005
You threw me a curve on this one. I wanted to thank you in kind for hosting a wonderful get together and a great collection of NJPB folk. I suppose I will do so here. Anyone who ever has hung with Terr knows she is not only fun to be around, she is simply energetic and inspires one to enjoy life. Meeting Glo was not only an honor, but on some level very enlightening to me. She is easy to listen to, to be listened by, and to simply draw from her experience some of those things that one needs to stay the course on one's goals. The Jerseyman is one of a kind, a bit of a phenom actually and sharing a table with him well, nothin' like it. (Yeah, I'm gonna go there and trainwreck some grammar)
To my right were two great dudes. Tom is real folk that you can just jaw with and very grounded, and Whip... kind sir meeting you was long overdue. That you do what you do just to share it with us is cool. Ed now, really is a man of good stories and very dignified. Unfortunately he was just out of earshot most of the night and Scott & Dottie benefitted from his good company and tales. It was great to see them as always and HAPPY B-DAY Dottie.
The Pine Baron is just about the nicest guy you'll find in a package that looks a little intimidating until the smile comes out and smile he does, often and long, a warming trait. That you kept looking over at me during the games as if you expect me to know anything at all about anything amused me. Great seeing you John!
I originally only intended to stop by for a bit but the wings were good and the company gooder. I only settled but for one beer yet Terr, your after dinner treat was a nice topper. Good stuff kid. All in, Turtle did great and compiled a fun crowd, some long overdue on meeting each other. Sorry to any who missed. That pop in by Gabe and his lovely lady was very cool. Good to see you two again.
Glad to know everyone made it home safe and that I will see some of you again over the weekend.



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Oct 25, 2002
Pines; Bamber area
Its nice to see members of the forum get together like that.

Jeff may remember the doll head that was stuck on a pole leading out into Lebanon by those blueberry fields east of 530 off of 70. It was very freaky.


Jan 19, 2009
Terry, my newest best friend, you are simply TERRIFIC. Thanks so much for giving wings to our madcap plan and putting together a great evening with a totally cool crowd.

Hope to see y'all at Lines on the Pines! :dance:



Feb 4, 2009
a the pines
Did anyone ever notice that the quietest, softest spoken one has a great tendency to encourage the "happy timers" into revelry? Right back at ya' Gloria! The crowd was all yours. :)

Love ya', turtle......


Jan 25, 2008
Browns Mills
One of my favorite activities now is watching screen names turn into real people. I haven't been disappointed yet! It's been a pleasure meeting every one and I look forward to meeting more.

Pine Baron

Feb 23, 2008
Sandy Run
An inspiration you had, Turtle... what a great time! Greeting old friends and meeting new ones is always a pleasure. The varied number of personalities makes for an interesting and fun evenining. Unfortunately (for me), I was later than most and missed a bit of the pre-vittle conversation, as the wings and things were just arriving when I was. But it soon revved back up and the trivia game was a fine outlet to show our combined knowledge. :rolleyes:

Thanx, Terr for putting it together and to you, Gloria, for being the wonderful excuse we all needed.

The Wing Thing Wing Ding

Friends, Roamers, and Countrymen:

It is always a rare privilege to spend time with folks from the forums! Meeting Bill for the first time was a genuine thrill. A quiet and unassuming man, you would never know by making his acquaintance that he is someone who has brought joy and delight to so many through his digital photography, attendant artwork, and PB audio recordings. Tom derailed our conversation to talk about the museum in Pemberton while Ed dived right in to his stories of past and present glories. The trivial pursuit game added spice to the mix, as did the wonderful words exchanged with Terri and Gloria. The other end of the table held sway over the dinosaurs and Belgian beer, but it was great to see John, Scott, Dot, Gabe, and Yvonne despite them all being out of earshot! And to my good friend, George, you were all wet on Saturday, but your humor on Monday evening left us all very dry! Always good to see you, LARGO.

Terri: having Gloria here in Jersey was a good excuse to get together, but next time, “we don’t need no stinkin’ excuse!” Just rally the troops and we will be there!

See you all on Sunday!!

Best regards,


Sep 14, 2008
Cinnaminson, NJ
Darn those mandatory Fire Dept. drills!!!!! I would have loved to have been there with you all!!! Sounds like a great time was had by all who attended. Hopefully, we can do another get together soon. And Jerseyman, again, thank you very much for the offer of a ride. It was greatly appreciated!!! Largo, so sorry I missed you my friend. I had a most wonderful time yuking it up with you at our Atsion get together in August. Pine Baron, I would have loved to chat with you some more, but I'm looking forward to doing so in the future. And Scott, Although we've never met, I look forward to the day where we can meet and chat about some good hunting spots in or near the pines. Albeit, I'll be shooting with a camera. And to the rest of the crew who attended, here's looking forward to meeting you all one day so I can put a face with the name.



Feb 20, 2004
Pestletown, N.J.
The bride and I enjoyed ourselves very much.
My hollow leg served me well that night.
A finer group in the Pines would be hard to find.
Thanks everyone.


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
Alfie was wiped out last night from a machine that was being quite contraire at work.I thought machines were labor saving devices.Not case packers.These mechanical thing a ma bobs were invented by an arch demon from the netherworld.Why was it I wanted to go back to work?I much prefer steel to glass anyday.
Glad to see you all had a nice time,the woods are drying out,might actually be able to drive across the barrens on sand roads soon:)
Apr 6, 2004
It was nice to meet Pine Baron, Glowordz, Oji and WhippoorBill (sorry, whip. I didn't realize who you were until you were walking out the door!), and it goes without saying that it was a pleasure to see the rest of you.


Jan 25, 2008
Browns Mills
Turtle, I was at the R.R. station tonight cleaning up for the Pinelands Short Course. While removing brush from the rails to trails near the Rancocas Creek I was greeted by a chorus of peeping frogs.


Feb 4, 2009
a the pines
.....I was greeted by a chorus of peeping frogs.

:) Thanks oji....

and Gabe and Yvonne.....Zoe is truly precious. What a great dog and lucky too! I think her eyes caught the reflection of the license plate that she was playing "catch" with. It made the picture look scary. Did you have your outing tonight? Ooops! You are probably still there........

Nov 12, 2007
atlantic county

:) Thanks oji....

and Gabe and Yvonne.....Zoe is truly precious. What a great dog and lucky too! I think her eyes caught the reflection of the license plate that she was playing "catch" with. It made the picture look scary. Did you have your outing tonight? Ooops! You are probably still there........


With work the next morning we dicided to stay in Sweetwater that night and save our energy for a canoe ride the next day. When I got off work Tuesday we loaded Zoe in the canoe and went to our favorite spot near the Forks. As the sun set it was turning into a beautiful night with many stars in the sky. Just as Gabe saw what he thought to be a UFO and tried to convince me that aliens exsist, lol, we heard a beaver splash into the water. The beaver continued to defend his territory, it sounded like a cannon ball being dropped into the water. Zoe was also curious and wanted to inspect the situation which in turn scared away the beaver. It was the first paddle of many to come this season.