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    Pandemonium reigned today

    I was at the refuge yesterday afternoon and it wasn't crowded. There were more cars than usual on a weekday afternoon. I didn't see the greenshanks, but as I said to a passing birder who also hadn't seen it, If I actually saw the greenshanks would I know I was seeing the greenshanks or would I...
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    Forsythe NWR

    The refuge gets complaints on their facebook page about the tall grass blocking the view of the impoundments. They have a reasonable explanation that one of the rangers told me. They are trying to get native marsh grasses and other native marsh plants well established to further strengthen the...
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    Dumping in Bass River

    Hopefully there will be a piece of junk mail, a bill or invoice or something with a name and address on it.
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    Denali is Now!

    As long as mountains are being renamed what about Mt. Everest being named after a a 19th century British imperialist. It should be given back its original name which in Nepal is Sagarmāthā and in Tibet is Chomolungma. To avoid strife the name will have to be hyphenated as...
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    Maybe it was really just a mountain lion and she over reacted:)
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    The only problem with not answering calls from unknowns is that the unknown calling may actually be someone you need to speak to. For example this week I got two of those Microsoft scam calls, the second one was a "source of innocent merriment" He had a very heavy accent and was probably very...
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    Bert Nixdorf book

    While re-arranging a bookcase I came across a copy of Hikes and Bike Rides by Bert Nixdorf. It's the second printing from October, 1977.If anyone wants this pm me your address and I'll mail it to you. (As an aside, people who put bookcases and a hutch in front of electrical outlets they don't...
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    Dealing with Comcast

    Life was so much simpler when there were only 3 channels, 3 6 & 10 from Phila and tv sets had a pair of rabbit ears atop them. My father once sent a fan letter, the only one he ever wrote, to John Facenda.
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    Dealing with Comcast

    I never watch morning shows. They're full of aggravating people. I'm in my mid-severties and try to avoid getting aggravated . I get my news from the NPR headline news once in the morning, and once at dinner time. I also check out CNN on the internet for what I think of as "trash news". I...
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    Dealing with Comcast

    There's no way to deal with ComCast or Verizon. They know it, and I know it, and they know I know that they know it. I have ComCast Cable with no premium channels, and find my bill confusing. It has its ups and downs, but I never call ComCast to inquire because it will increase my level of...
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    Giant vacant lot in Smithville, NJ

    I seem to remember a big red barn like structure where that vacant lot is now. I think they used to have antique shows and decoy shows and the like there. Ethel's idea of preserving old buildings was to clean them up and pretty them up to please the tourists. Leaming run gardens used to have a...
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    New Jersey Man Accused of Eating Raccoons

    A lot of woodcock recipes include instructions to serve the "trail" (guts) on toast. It's hard to think of earthworms as an epicurean treat, even when predigested by a woodcock.
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    Questionable behavoir by a birder

    I don't subscribe to the ABA list so I couldn't reply. It's probably just as well.
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    Questionable behavoir by a birder

    I regularly read the ABA bird sighting list for NJ. Recently there was a post by a birder who while at Cape May Point birding, came across the biggest black rat snake he's ever seen, over 6' long. So, he draped it around his neck and took some"sweet" pictures then let it go "safely" as he put...
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    Bad Winter Coming!

    While we're on this subject, how long is kerosene good for? I bought three containers last year or the year before. I've been thinking of turning them in at the next Atl. Co. hazardous waste day and buying three new containers. I also have three containers of butane that are a couple of years...