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    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Good points. PPA's email was very convincing. They left out a few salient details, but that has been discussed here. Like many others of you, I will not be renewing my membership. What a shame!
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    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Ed, I just applied. Please approve me? :)
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    Pine Barrens Exhibition at the Noyes Museum

    Will have to wait until March to see the exhibit -- but I wouldn't miss it. Thanks, Jerseyman!
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    High Crossing never disappoints

    Continually amazing to me. Thanks, Ed! Miss y'all!
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    This Weekend at Stafford Forge

    Beautiful! I especially liked the bog with moss close-up. Thank you! ~Glo
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    One Fine Day

    Magnificent photos, Bob. Breath-taking! Thank you.
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    One Sweet Bog

    Beautiful, beautiful views of that lovely place! Okay, I guess my vote goes for #2 as well. Thank you, Ed!
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    Looking for PB Tree Frogs and other amphibians

    Funny! Yes, I've seen those looks. Glad you're enjoying the sounds. ~Glo
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    Looking for PB Tree Frogs and other amphibians

    Your son might enjoy listening to these frog songs, recorded by forum member Bill Beck: Glo
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    Friendship creek headwaters

    You know, I was just thinking that! Looks like the perfect place for a frog-adventure, too.
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    Friendship creek headwaters

    Great pix -- and videos give a nice perspective, complete with squishy wet sounds. Thanks, Jeff. I didn't know it was there. Really must expand my horizons beyond Friendship Bogs. ~Glo
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    2013 Lines On The Pines

    Speaking of books --and not at all in the same ball park as Boyd's and Linda's--I plan to be at LOP with Book 3 in Tales of Friendship Bog: TRAPPED, and a novel, THE FOREVER STONE, set in the Pines. As always, anyone from this forum whose name or face I recognize gets a free book. If you want...
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    Whippoorbill's gift to us

    I can listen to the file from my computer without registering. :)
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    Searching For A Cave In The Pines

    Nice story, Guy, complete with venerable stone, fearsome green haze, and a mysterious puffball. I've always wondered about caves . . . Glo
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    Retreat Preserve...A PBX Special Hike

    Thank you, Jerseyman. The subject definitely has possibilities--perhaps I may do a little studying (guess where?) in the spring! Glo