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    Bigfoots in the pines?

    Sounds kinda squatchy to me:
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    Little Hawkin Run ... A PBX Hike

    One question; do you think those cranberries were hand carried or could someone have driven a vehicle back there? Carrying them gives me the exhausting memory flashback of hauling monuments over a mile into the woods in KY. And I have to admit, when it's in the upper 80's, the thought of...
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    Little Hawkin Run ... A PBX Hike

    Looks like a great trip. Thanks for posting the pics. The sight of NJ cedar water flowing through the pines, even if it is a photo, is good for the soul when you cannot be there in person.
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    Earliest marked graves in NJ?

    I was thinking the same thing.
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    Pine Barren Culture; Dead or Alive

    This thread, like so many others here, is a microcosm of Pineys and most every other culture. It started off as one thing and evolved, but in the end, it's still the same thread, it just keeps adjusting.
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    Salem County Stones

    I'm curious Al, what are some of the time periods of those stones being set? That was one of the great things about surveying large, old tracts...touching history and feeling the direct link to what I was doing and the work they did.
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    Atsion Meadow Again

    I was just wondering what it must have been like to haul these stones to their present locations. I'm sure there were mules or horses involved. Do you think that these areas may have been clear cut when they were set? I've read that at times, you could see for a very long ways in the Pines...
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    Favorite/Coolest Place in the Pines

    That's the spot Al. I love to go back along that old canal that runs to the Wading on the other side of 563 and just sit there and listen to the Pines flow over that spillway/bridge from centuries ago. Harrisville is great too. most people don't understand the excitement of a hole in the...
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    Favorite/Coolest Place in the Pines

    Living in Florida and having limited physical abilities, my one place, well, actually a couple places, is Harrisville Pond and the old road that runs through to 563 and ends at the West Branch of the Wading River (forgive me if I have the river wrong). Even when I only have a few days home in...
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    New Movie: The Revenant

    They can keep Star Wars. I'll take a story based in fact any time. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie once the crowds die down, or when I can buy it.
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    Extreme tick bite

    You're lucky your doctor recognized it early. I know of a few people who had Lyme's disease and they suffered with it for a long time because their doctor didn't know what they were seeing.
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    Denali is Now!

    I like the change. You can still call it McKinley if you want.
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    Definition of a Piney

    To me they are the locals. Pineys or hillbillies, they are simply the salt of the earth locals who, at one time were doing their damdest to get everything they could from the pines, be it food, liquor (my grandfather), or a living. Taking those things hurt the pines sometimes but mostly, they...
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    Happenings in the Pines

    Thanks Ben!
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    Happenings in the Pines

    Thanks Mike.