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    High Crossing never disappoints

    It wasn't all that long ago that you could get down the main trail there in a car all the way down to wading pines campground no problem, but alot has changed there
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    More illegal dumping

    makes me sick
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    Abandoned building on 206

    I always wondered what would happen to that piece of land glad its not gonna be a development
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    Sure called it wrong this time

    i had some hail accumulation at my place
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    went out saturday no luck though
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    ruins near Mt. Misery Road

    nice pictures woodnj its good to see little guys outdoors
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    Hummer stuck

    yup i had to use my 4 wheel once and that was to get down my long dirt lane after this past snow storm
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    Medford will preserve camp as open space

    i agree they wont hesitiate it would be an new easy target
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    Hampton Ramble

    awesome pictures. I love that dead tree in the field. great landmark
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    10 inches of snow on the way.....

    awesome pictures guys
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    900 homes to be built

    i totally agree with yout tom there saving a tenth of what they destroyed which in my opinion means next to nothing if its surrounded by concrete.
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    possible change in our weather pattern?

    thanks for the link imkms
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    Horner tract of 877 acres preserved in Ocean County

    now this is the stuff i like to see going on. Way to go for that family two thumbs up
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    possible change in our weather pattern?

    anyone know anything about the earths wobble. Im very clueless about it for the most part but i think the earth does a wobble every 23,000 years and i thought 2012 was the end of the wobble. Maybe the wobble is in the warmer point. but i guess that couldn't make sudden changes really. Anyone...