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    any solo camping issues?

    I have hiked 100s of miles of the pines with at least 10 overnights solo and never had any real problems..accept 1) During my Batona I camped at Lower Forge there was an entire family camped there blasting radios and making noise real late. Not what I wanted after a 25 plus mile hiking day...

    Favorite spot to take a 3-6 mile hike

    One of my favorite hikes is the Mullica River Trail from Atsion to Batsto.. Its 9miles one way so you would either have to set up a shuttle or enjoy longer hikes.. Another is Batona Camp to Apple Pie Hill Fire Tower( I moved from Jersey in 2007 Is that tower still there?) Again a little...

    Favorite spot to take a 3-6 mile hike

    A walk through Double Trouble during Cranberry Harvesting is nice. Explore the old buildings, one mile or so nature trail get off the beaten path and stumble upon the Crabbe family Cemeterey..You could easily put in 3 miles here..

    Batona Trail Extension

    That trail is a 3 mile loop.. It is not part of the Batona.. If you go to the ranger station at Bass River you can get a cheap paper map of that Pink Blazed trail as well as a couple other trails within Bass River. Using Pink blazes was just poor judgement.. I mistakingly hiked that trail...

    Adirondack Trip

    Bob when I get home from work I will post a couple pics from Mt Phelps and Mt Marcy.. Either is a brutal day hike from Adirondack Loj.. Ive done it ,but its much easier to camp near the dam and make a weekend out of it... Great photos..

    Big Foot Body Found In Georgia

    Freaky... I moved down to South Carolina a year ago looks like im gonna have to take a road trip.... Thought you all might like this as there have been several bigfoot topics on the site...

    Batona Trail hike

    I think the best way to do the trail Is starting south at Bass River. Start early enough to pick up the permit to camp at lower forge at Batsto and also pick up some lunch from the hot dog vendor there.At this point you will also be able to refill your water containers.. By midday the next day...

    Permethrin...impossible to find in stores Try Campmor

    Hiking from river to river

    Actually I just checked my trail logs and its only 2.5 mile hike from Atsion to Mullica Camp Site.

    Hiking from river to river

    You can hike the Mullica River trail . It starts at Atsion and goes to Batsto.If memory serves me right the whole trail is 9 miles one way and I believe the Mullica Campsite is about halfway...

    Hiking Trip Out Of State

    Stay in jersey and contact Mike This is a guy who runs awesome hikes all over NJ and PA..If you have myspace look for the group harcore hikes.. Hi everybody! I'm just finished off looking over the route for this Sunday's hike, a scouting hike for possible future routes of the...

    Camping at Brendan T. Byrne State Forest

    Last year I stayed in a cabin at Pakim pond and it was a realitively quiet relaxed time.As far as the tent sites I dont have any experience at Byrne.

    Hiking Question for the Atco Area.

    And yes its at Shannons

    Hiking Question for the Atco Area.

    Is the trail/road a sand road? Is there anything interesting along the way?

    Cabin rentals?

    I stayed at the Cabins at Pakim Pond at Brendan Byrne State Forest and had a great experience.Although I think you have to book them for at least a week.