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    Guest Opinion: Devise a user-friendly vision for the Pinelands (Albert Horner)

    I disagree with quite a bit of this. There are plenty of maps that show most roads in the pines. I have two topos that are always in my truck that encompass the core of the pines. We do not need a MAP. We do need to fix some of the roads and keep them maintained. We do not need any more trails...
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    Pine Barren History Shorts

    They may be referring to a guide as a leader of an organized hunt. Most clubs have a person in charge of the hunt such as a woods captain, a head woodsman, a lieutenant or a sargent of arms, and in this case a guide.
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    They are around more than we think I believe. I swear I saw one in Greenwood run across a dirt road but when we got up there to look it was real hard ground so we couldnt see tracks.
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    He is also buying the hedger house as well according to the article. Wouldnt mind a small mom and pop shop for ammo and hunting supplies in the area that is closer than shooters.
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    Where is this?

    Guy, I will take a guess on 1644. I am going to say east side of sandplant south of Warren grove. Telephone line is behind it on the west side.
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    Where is this?

    Guy, do you want to reveal the place in 1589 or provide another clue?
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    Where is this?

    Bob I am going to say yours is Janvier deer club. Guy I am going to guess your picture is of Haines clear cut on the the red road from Jenkins to Warren grove.
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    Wharton Advisory

    On their Facebook page they show bridges under water. Pipe on good water road is completely washed out. They showed Evans bridge and the water is touching the bottom under the roadway.
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    Pine Barren History Shorts

    Guy i would like to know if it is still there as well.
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    Motorcycle Event

    His comments were similar on Facebook and were not well received cause they are pointless. The admin had to lock the thread.
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    Does anybody know what this metal hardware is ?

    On faceplace they have pictures of the foot bridge that is going in at that location. They even referenced it as the ybuc bill crossing which I thought was cool.
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    Pine Barren History Shorts

    Guy, I enjoy these thanks for posting them up.
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    Pine Barren History Shorts

    Guy, Any idea if the club is still operating. I have hunted the pines many years and never heard of them before this post.
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    Bill to allow prescribed burns

    Bob I agree. The landscape is changing drastically. They will not do big burns to keep it the way it was. Too many homes now and they won't take the blame if they lose control. Even the short pines are way taller then even when I was a kid and that wasnt that long ago.
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    Bill to allow prescribed burns

    I agree that we need more control burns but hotter and larger ones.