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    youtube video

    i got stuck pretty bad in my puny crv on atsion-batsto road a week or two ago. there was a lake-like puddle on the main road and two go-arounds that were also flooded. i tried one of the go arounds but there were two trenches in it that went much deeper than my wheels would reach. this happened...
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    The Summit

    Hey all, I've been on hiatus from all things pines-related while at school but now that i'm home i've been checking back up on things, and i was happy to see this post about this hill that's practically in my backyard. i'm the one that placed the geocache (high point cache) on top of it. The...
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    This is so funny

    man i could fake kill somebody like 10x better than that! i'll hafta upload the video i made for high school french class where some ganstas crush my head with a huge rock... they didn't have nearly enough blood flying and when you finally see the guy who supposedly just got gored theres only...
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    Ghost Stories of the Pines

    going south on the white horse pike you bear left and go over the bridge leading to the old white horse pike. burnt mill road is just on the other side of the bridge and you go all the way down the road, the sewage plant is around the end of the pavement.
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    Goal for the Summer: Ong's Hat

    i've heard so many different things about ong's hat it's ridiculous. the sjgeocaching board recently had a discussion about it where a few different points of view (that sounded a little more realistic than a techno-tantric commune of time travelers in airstream trailors) i hadn't heard before...
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    Plane crash

    i had no idea a plane could be that fragile. then again, i guess some of the smaller ones are nothing more than heavy fabric stretched over a frame.
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    Assassin Bug

    i read a funny book called pest control about an exterminator who gets mistaken for an international assassin. he was trying to start an all-natural pest control company by breeding hybrid assassin bugs that could be set loose inside of walls to hunt down all the pests. it was an interesting...
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    Dead Bird Help Please

    i remember exploring an abadoned warehouse years ago and finding at least a hundred dead birds strewn about the floor inside. i suspect they must have been finding some way in and were unable to get back out. it was quite a mess.
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    Daughter's first on river

    definitely. i love my parents and it's definitely nice to do stuff with them, i just wish we had more common interests. i live for adventure and they're both accountants, so they're just about the exact opposite! i actually had a great father's day cause my dad never tells us anything to get...
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    Daughter's first on river

    this makes me wish my parents didn't absolutely hate the outdoors :(
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    Gypsy Moths

    it's funny this got brought up again cause on friday i was talking to a cooworker of mine who lives in shamong and he too was annoyed that they hadn't sprayed. he said it's so bad on his property he literally won't go outside except to run from his house to his car because of all the falling...
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    Tick Bite Kills

    hahaha i remember catching some of that movie on the scifi channel years ago and it was awful! then again that seems to be a prerequisite for scifi channel movies...
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    Quick early morning kayaking

    hey you have the same paddle as me! i've been wanting to get out to mt misery brook for a far can you get before/after the liftover? i read that it's the narrowest navigable waterway in the pines.
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    Tick Bite Kills

    thats really scary. thanks a lot for posting this cause i wasn't even aware that ticks could carry such a fatal illness. i'm going to start being more careful about getting them off now, as there's been times that i've missed one in the shower and found it embedded the next day.
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    Young falcon in distress finds a friend in A.C.

    that is weird cause this time the link just took me straight to the article with no registration screen or anything. i wonder if this would have made the news if the guy wasn't named dolittle? and i've never heard of a woman named russ either... i guess names are like bicycles, it's ok for a...