Bone dry!

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Jun 17, 2007
Long Valley, NJ
Alright, all of this becasue I mentioned what the name of the area you were in is known by. I have had it with this site and the uptight know it all I'm better than you are attitudes. All of go where you want, when you want and how you want, I really don't care. This was a small part of my life that I used to get enjoyment out of by reading and learning but lately it has been nothing more than a pompus attack fest from all angles. It's like you have to be careful what you say to who or you might piss that guy off, and then one of the others will come to his defense or whatever. I left middle school years ago and don't need this BS. I did appreciate your post of the dry conditions, I mentioned the area you were in as I was not sure if you were aware of the recent discussions here that is all, believe me or not don't care.

I'll accept your account of your motivations at face value, but to me it seemed as if you jumped in to be inflammatory. As far as your characterization of the social atmosphere on this site, I reject that completely.


Mar 24, 2004
Coastal NJ
Yea I don't get it people are allowed to drive there stock vehicles wherever they want ? But just because I got a lift and big tires I'm automaticly a target ? My daily driven street truck has a lift and larger tires , the truck never sees mud but I do go thru Wharton in it but now just because it's lifted I'll be the one getting harrased on the same trails you can just drive right down , this shit is unfair and all because everyone crys about dumb stuff , just becareful because when no one at all is Allowed In the pines it's gonna upset everyone

What you describe is commonly referred to as 'profiling'.


Nov 21, 2008
What you describe is commonly referred to as 'profiling'.
ok ??????????????? so what do i need to do to not get harrased ? drive a toyota prius hybrid ? i passed rangers plenty of times with no issues no matter what vehicle im in and never had an issue and even stopped and talked with a few but with all this stuff going on , there gonna start targeting everyone in a 4x4 , most trucks i seen back in the pines that are causeing the biggest problems are younger kids in regular 4x4 pick up truck , but yet now the rangers are gonna start pulling over lifted trucks even if there on main trails just because what the vehicle looks like and the main problem people are gonna be left alone because the kids dont have money to build these types of trucks , i just have a feeling alot of innocent people are going to get fined for no reason and the ones that are actually in the wrong are going to be left alone unless totally caught in the wrong place at the wrong time
Apr 6, 2004
all i'm saying is that it wasn't necessary to bring 1/4 mile into a post about dry conditions. You did so for your own reasons. I had no thought of that stretch or of mudding and all that controversy when i made the post, and i'm pretty sure i wasn't in any danger of getting flamed by the good people here fore posting about dry conditions in the pines.

But thanks for saving me.

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