Guest Opinion: Devise a user-friendly vision for the Pinelands (Albert Horner)


Apr 9, 2011
The PPA has worked tirelessly to make sure to control several access points to the Pine Barrens while simultaneously blocking others access. PPA is more than happy to accept Payment for access and to sell guided tours
Your exactly right and untill there's a group effort to discredit them and shut them up they won t stop and with there current ploy I think is going to get worse and quickly
Great points on all counts Bob. I have to agree with Guy also. As we have all discussed in the past if they (PPA) could lose the spewage hyperbolic rhetoric and come together with the other groups the PPA could be so much more to the public than what it is today, mostly viewed as Preventing Public Access. I'd like to cover a couple points myself:

Add more trails? why? isn't there current support from the PPA to close trails and roads? Besides, hikers, bikers, horses and vehicles all share the same trails not to mention the aforementioned 3 have their own circuit that eliminates MV traffic.

I agree mostly with the road maintenance as well, however, we all need to remember these are unimproved roads, meaning not meant for travel by "standard automobiles" produced today, most models are just not built without pavement in mind. Full access can be had by all, some of us drive, ride motorcycles or horses and walk. There is full access without a standard or any other automobile, not sure where he was going with this statement.

Adding signs to roads i disagree with, I go to the pines to get away from all that (sign, sign, everywhere a sign) maybe we should do toll booths and exits too? then we could put in rest stops and Al can have his bathrooms in remote areas. The bathroom thing is ridiculous in my opinion, it invites trouble.

If fear is stopping the public from going to the pines, then I agree with Bob also, the person that fears getting lost or cant navigate without signs should not go.

Lastly, my GPS works fine in the pines.

"Portapotties" in the woods? More signs? Sorry, but if you're that inept in the outdoors, stay away. I speak as someone with bad knees and gender limitations re voiding in the boonies, but the last undeveloped areas in this state don't need to be made more convenient for the clueless.


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Jan 4, 2018
Mount Holly
Yes, a few of us had heard that. What can you tell us about that?
Apparently he wasn't happy that the PPA wasn't willing to fully support his agenda.

The latest PPA flyer (the red truck in the mud) and survey are against ORV's; the PPA seems to be willing to work with the ECEA and 4x4 clubs to support legal activity in legal locations in the Pines and supports the Tread Lightly mantra. I know, we've heard that before, but it really is time for all involved parties to come to the table with open minds. I've done many projects and cleanups with the PPA, and almost all the discussions were against the ATV' s, illegal dirt bikes, and 4x4's tearing up the bogs. No one really had any major objections to trail riding and touring through the Pines. Most even agree the enduros should continue their 75 year history, but riders need to know those trails are only open for that day.

We will see; personally I'll do everything I can to help keep the trails open to Tread Lightly, I've been riding 4x4's and dual sports there for 50 years now.


Aug 26, 2011
What Allan said is true, Al broke up with the PPA because they weren't being hard nosed enough regarding off road vehicles. The PPA confirmed as much in a FB post. As an update to other OTNJ things, I've received a call back from the DEP regarding volunteer efforts and am due to talk with them next week. Possible COVID 19 impacts notwithstanding...


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Sep 17, 2002
I am hearing a slightly different story in regards to the ECEA. There are those who believe the PPA is trying to get the backing of the motorcycle groups so that when a MAP of some sorts is released, if it is, the motorcycle groups can't oppose it. This would greatly decrease the opposition. True or not, it is good to see that the motorcycle groups can continue to access the woods as they have before most of us were alive. I support responsible use of them. I hope the PPA is doing this in good faith, and if so then they are heading in the right direction.