Missing persons search underway for couple who took ATVs into the Pine Barrens in Stafford


Jul 4, 2011
Don't know.No longer follow him.Haven't been out to his setup in about twenty years.I was a standard course grad in 82 but came away disillusioned with TBJ.Stopped at the school on Forked River about 2000,ain't been back since

I saw TBJ - Tom Jones, the Tracker, right? - once when he gave a talk at Ramsey Outdoor store on rt. 17 N in NJ around the mid 90's. I remember he drove up in a Hummer. Sorry to say I got a bad impression of him. I had read his first book shortly after it came out and I was skeptical of a lot in it even then. I don't remember the details. He said he was brought up by an Apache indian in the Barrens and liked to hide in trees (maybe he was the guy who built those platforms that i just posted a photo of!*) and jump deer, he said.

Reminds me of an old friend of mine - we once camped in Death Valley and Eureka Valley, CA etc. - who took to calling himself "Dances With Bears" after he saw that stupid movie "Dances With Wolves". He used to go backpacking in the Sierra Nevada and he said his favorite thing was chasing bears. He said they are all cowards and run away. As I said, I haven't heard from him in years.

* https://forums.njpinebarrens.com/threads/john-mcphees-the-pine-barrens.2131/page-4#post-170379
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