Pine Barrens Book/CD Signing at the Sweetwater Casino

Ben Ruset

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Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County
Posted by request of Linda. If you have any questions regarding the event, email her.

Lines on the Pines - "The ABC's of the Pine Barrens"

(Artists & Authors…Books.& Crafts)

Sunday March 9th, 2008 - Sweetwater Casino, Hammonton, NJ

Artists will display and offer some crafts for sale from 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

The Book Signing with authors of the Pine Barrens is from 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Bring your own book to be signed or buy one there.

All purchases are cash, check and carry! There are NO charge card services available.

This event is open to the public and FREE.


Apr 4, 2004
Browns Mills, NJ
I will definately be there with my mother's pictures for sale. They make great Christmas gifts and I have reduced the prices. I have sold alot of them so only a few are left.
This is a great event held at Sweetwater Casino and all should attend. It is a great opportunity to meet alot of people we only read and write about on this site.


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Sep 17, 2002
There are quite a few people from this site going to be there.



Sep 7, 2005
I of course will be there looking forward to meeting many of the wonderful folks on the site. To those I've already met, I've grown tired of you already so stay away. Unless you are throwing money away senselessly.
See Ya Sunday kids.



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Sep 17, 2002

You had to do what you had to do. I am sure Gabe understands.


Table 9 was a bunch of rowdies! All I heard was giggling and laughing throughout the evening. It must have been too much BEER!

Seriously, it was sure nice meeting all the wives, Infinite Sameness, and your daughter Ben. And also Stu (Ryan) and his guest. Sorry, but I do not know if it is your wife or girlfriend. I should have asked you.

Gabe, it was also nice and easy to pick your dad out of the crowd, and nice to talk to him. After the song you sang he had every right to be a proud dad. Very nice, and quite original. And it is always nice to see janwor, suresue, lgench, relayer, jerseyman, Barry Caselli, etc, etc.

And who here tried to get into the dining room to see me and was turned away?



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Oct 25, 2002
Pines; Bamber area
I tend to infect. It's my nature. So sad for my wife. This is me.


Damn George, I peed my pants I was laughing so hard. You are a funny guy. I got home alright.

I do want to say it was really, really fun. I'm glad I went. It was good seeing you, Lynn, Scott, Dottie, Guy, Audrey, Jerseyman, Relayer, Jeff, Claire, Ben, Laura, Barry, Everett Applegate, Lgench, Long-A-Coming (My Man Tom!), Linda, Suresue, Stu, Gabe, Yvonne (Yvonne is a female given name. It is French in origin, and is the female form of Yvon, which is derived from the Germanic name Yves. This name means "beautiful girl", from the Germanic word Iv meaning "yew.").

Gabe, the "Mullica Song" was just excellant. I appreciate all the thought that went into that song, and it was well received. I really enjoyed it.
Fabulous Time!!!


What a fabulous time today at Sweetwater for all who attended!!! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting many of you and your significant others and families.

Nice to finally meet bobpbx—a man who will go down in the “anals” of history!

Gabe: You are one very talented dude! I want it all—the accoustic guitar piece about the Mullica River and the excellent piano work!

Glad to meet and greet the usual cast of characters and suspects: Teegate and your bride; RednekF350 and your wife—a new pleasure; Ben, your better half, and daughter, Dana; LARGO and your wonderful wife; lgench, who suffered much from sitting at my table; Relayer; Arlobee; Hinchman Hill; and Janwor.

Woodjin: the pleasure was all mine in shaking your hand!

Stu: Good to meet you as well; sorry about the whole book problem; I felt bad. :(

Whiting Rider: sorry you couldn’t stay for dinner, but it was really good to see you there.

Infinite sameness, I’m sorry I did not have the opportunity to meet you there today! The same goes for longacoming and the others who attended but I was not aware you were there!!

If I missed anyone else, I apologize!

Linda did a great job, as usual.

With all of you who attended, I look forward to next year with even more enthusiasm!!

Best regards,
scriptor rerum Nova Caesarea
Dei memor, gratus amicus
Apr 6, 2004
All, thank you for digging the song. It means alot to me.

Ben, my man, no need to apologize. It was good seeing you there and meeting your family. You'll hear the song in due time. I'm going to try to record it soon.

Guy, I was almost tempted to offer to buy you a beer. BTW, re: the behaviour of table #9, wine, not beer, is the culprit! :D

Bob, my man, thanks for coming out and for sticking around after the dinner.

Tom, you know a good beer. More to come!

Scott, it was a pleasure meeting Dottie and a great time as usual hanging out and indulging in the finer beers of life.

Jeff, your guitar made my song much, much better. I owe you!

Jerseyman, it was great to finally meet you. Thank you for the moral support; it is well taken!

Relayer, I'm glad to have gotten the chance to meet up with you. The piano-river analogy was one of the best compliments I could ever get.

George, why would you do that? Make an old man pee his pants at a public event. Eh, hell, 'twas funny! Great to meet you.

lgench, fancy meeting you! We didnlt get the chance to have a beer together. Next time!


Mar 28, 2005
Berlin Twp
Had a great time with y'all today. Gabe hosted a nice pre-party top shelf beer sampling. The variety and potency of the brews was BOSS!
What a pad his Nan has, what a pad with the beautiful Mullica swiftly rolling along! The event was cool. Picked up a few sketches for my son (an owl and a deer). Met a lot of good people. over indulged on the beer and wine just a little. The PBX was well represented, and it was a pleasure meeting some folks for the first time. Picked up Leeds Devils Blues- good stuff Jeff!
Ben its good to see you recognized for the hard work you put in on this site. These new flag T-shirts w/ the blueberrys and cranberrys that are going to support the website- sign me up for 2 of those!
Guy it was good to see you and meet your wife, she is very cool.
Scott and Dottie always a pleasure to hang w/ you fine folks.

I was seated at the now infamous TABLE 9! number 9............number 9
To my left was LARGO, a complex and dedicated man, a blast to dine with. To my right was Everitt Applegate who I met earlier in the day. I may have to check out his book, he's a character man! Bob your the man dude!
Gabe that song gave me the chills bro! It was powerful!!!
Jerseymen- I'll be sure to introduce myself next time, I'm a big fan of your work. Yvonne, a pleasure meeting you


Feb 20, 2004
Pestletown, N.J.
Dottie and I had a great time and the number nine table was the place to be!
We just couldn't keep a straight face for more than 5 minutes the whole time we were there.
It wasn't just the wine, it was being with genuinely funny, down to earth people.

Gabe you are one talented SOB. The piano work was amazing. You have got a true gift.
I wish we could have stayed a little longer to hear more.

Looking forward to next year.