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Sep 17, 2002
Accuweather is the same way. They changed things and it is horrible.


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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Another example of low-contast designs, ugh. This started a number of years ago, I believe Google was the first to change to low-contrast maps. Very difficult to read, the small roads tend to vanish into the background. Tom Tom has a very nice app with maps of the whole world for a reasonable price. I would have bought it, but the small roads are almost invisible. Or look at the USGS National Map, really hard to read, in my new app the screen looks almost blank at times. I just don't get the whole thing.

I will be adding radar to the boydsmaps app eventually, but I need to make my own high-contrast map overlay for it. I have been using the RadarScope app for about 10 years now, best purchase I ever made. It shows the *real* radar data from each NWS site, without any of the terrible filtering and smoothing you find on other sites. Runs on Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.