Where is this?

Apr 6, 2004
When I was thinking it could be phragmites I never realized they grew in circular clusters. Is the ground actually pushed up or is the base of the plants so dense that the LiDAR sees it as ground. I’d imagine the root system would be more dense around the edges simply because there’s more nutrients there. They could be so thick that they are choking themselves out in the center.
@Boyd Thoughts on John’s hypothesis ?
Apr 6, 2004
Oh man. I tried to dig one up for my collection. I gave up real quick, it's like steel cables all knotted together. I ended up taking the inflorescence and a small part of the stem with one leaf.
If the elevation differences between the rims are anywhere close to being accurate, we should be able to tell just by walking around


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Sep 17, 2002
Where is this?

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Feb 4, 2009
a village...in the pines
I can see that it was built sometime between 1931 and 1942. Do you have more specific information?
Prior to Lower Bank Road being built, when you left LB by crossing the bridge out of town the road turned left through the meadows and towards Landing Creek. When you reached Landing Creek you could turn left and go towards the "warf" at the mouth of the creek & Mullica River. Two years ago the bulkheads along the creek were still visible at low tides, but rotting pretty well. If you reached landing creek and turned right you went towards San Francisco Ave. There are small wooden stuctures that are likely bridge supports. They too can still be seen. San Francisco Ave (Gloucester Landing) was the port of entry from the Mullica River waters to Egg Harbor City. As you pass under Clarks Landing Rd, continuing south, you will come to the old location of Gloucester Furnace. It was a town with sawmill (Guy, Gabe, Bob, myself have seen the sawmill base). Mark S. and I paddled & explored the whole creek for days one summer. It's beautiful. There was once a furnace and town at this location which was owned by the Richards Family of Batsto. On the 1930 map note that Clarks Landing Rd is simply a dirt road and does not follow all the way through to Philadelphia Ave (Rt 563). I know that structure you are speaking of and knowing the history there, I've assumed it's an old dock or loading area for product that was once produced at the furnace and/or for lumber harvested to be shipped down creek to the river warf. That's what i know of that area and I hope it's helpful.


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