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    Brand New Book Based On Lakehurst, NJ

    Congratulations, Cedric, looks like a fantastic pair of projects. I look forward to checking them out. I wish you the best of luck with them!
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    Dumping in Pinelands / Crackdown needed

    I remember in the early 1980s, the unpaved road locals in Lakehurst call Dace Road (it's Union Road or Union Avenue on maps) used to be the local dumping ground. It ran up to an unused back gate to the base, and a 1/2 mile to 3/4 mile stretch of it was as piled with stuff as a dump or junkyard...
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    Forked River Mountain

    It's been years since I took a hike here. Seeing these photos makes me want to round up my son and go for a trek.
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    Capewell Glass Negative Collection

    Spectacular thread. Thanks for sharing this stuff. "Another Book, Another Woman" is a lovely photo, but also chilling in a way. It would make a fantastic book cover for an historical horror novel, something moody and spooky.
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    Lakehurst: Barrens, Blimps & Barons: A History of Lakehurst, NJ

    The bogs are what grabbed my attention with this photo, too. At first I thought they were the bogs by the back gate, where I spent most of my childhood romping around, but it looks like they are the bogs that used to run just off route 70, near where the Burger King is now. Definitely one of...
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    Eyes in the sky: How N.J.'s remaining fire towers spot blazes first

    Great story! I didn't realize these towers remained so prevalent. When I was writing my book on Lakehurst I spoke to an old journalist named Marshall Sewell. Terrific guy. I'm not sure if he's still with us -- he'd be 95 now -- but I hope he is. He shared some stories from his days as a...
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    Sasquatch in the Pines

    I had an opportunity to read this. Thumbs up. Even if you're not a believer -- and frankly, I'm dubious about the idea of Bigfoot in NJ -- it's an enjoyable romp through some offbeat New Jersey lore.
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    Jersey Devil

    I recently hit Amazon to replace my water-damaged copy of McCloy and Miller's amazing The Jersey Devil], and was saddened to see that the publisher has replaced the classic red cover with a cartoonish monstrosity. Compare: No sir, I do not like the new cover. I've probably read this...
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    The NEW Beer Thread

    Always glad to see new breweries starting up in New Jersey. You'd never guess it, but New Jersey gets distribution from more breweries than any other state in the U.S. That means when it comes to choice, we trump even great beer states like California and Oregon, or big importers like New...
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    Chopping down a tree?

    When I was a kid we chopped down a few trees to build a fort/hideout in the woods. Pretty typical stuff in my neighborhood. However, these were scrub pines well off the beaten path, not large landmark trees along a trail. Still shouldn't have done it, of course -- just like every other woods...
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    New book on Lakehurst history (plus some of the surrounding area)

    Very excited to be returning to my old school next month to do an assembly on Lakehurst history. Two assemblies, actually, so for the younger grades I think I'll focus on ghost stories and offbeat stuff. Should be a nice time. In May, I should be on hand for the Lakehurst Historical Society's...
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    Manchester re-zones for development

    The rural character of Whiting was destroyed a long time ago. Except for Cherry Street connecting 530 and 539, and maybe Pasadena Road, whiting is just another cluster of New Jersey suburbia.
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    Ocean County historian passes on

    This is a major loss. She was a tremendous figure in Ocean County's history community. RIP, Mrs. Miller.
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    The NEW Beer Thread

    Have you ever had a coffee stout? It's just what it sounds like, a stout beer brewed with coffee. The good ones are very good. You wouldn't want to have one for breakfast, but they go well with coffee cake after dinner. Very nice on a winter night.
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    New book on Lakehurst history (plus some of the surrounding area)

    Dropped off copies at the Lakehurst Historical Society today so they could sell them and keep the proceeds. It was the least I could do to thank them. Figure every little bit helps. Good folks down there. If I still lived nearby I'd like to be involved. They could probably use some young blood...