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    jim ungehajer's illness

    hello, my name is renee Jim Ungehajer's stepdaughter,,,, i just wanted to notify you that jimmy hasnt been on here for a while and the reason being is that jimmy was diagnosed with terminal cancer in february,,,, since then he underwent two chemo treatments and had become too weak to continue...
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    An Afternoon Moon

    Nice outing Mark. Is Turtle Creek Road a tight sueeze ? Jim
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    Bamber Sunset

    Fantastic sunset photo Bob. Jim
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    Books I got!!

    You hit the jackpot with those books Jeff, what a find. Jim
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    Wild West Wading, A PBX Hike

    Wow, what a great hike, great photos as usual and report. Where is that pavilion located ? Jim
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    Beer (again) Talking about pushing the limit on Beer. Jim
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Everyone have a great Thanksgiving. Jim
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    The TeeGate and Manumuskin Adventure Guy, Al On the above pasted map it shows a multitude of markers, are they Green Bank, Wharton Markers ?, And do most of them still exist ? Jim
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    The TeeGate and Manumuskin Adventure

    Nice outing Guy and Al, a very interesting day, thanks for posting the pics and nice report. Jim
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    Hello Jim
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    Barnegat teen digs up railroad history

    Real nice. Thank you for posting the Turntable and Survey Markers. Jim
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    Barnegat teen digs up railroad history

    Great article, thanks for posting, i will have to visit the area in the future. Jim
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    SLR Digital Camera The above link is where i bought my Canon Digital Camera from. Jim
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    looking for small lake to fish

    I was wondering how the fishing is in Mannis Duck Pond, Decou, and Goose Pond ? Jim
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    almost heaven

    Looks like y'all had a great time, thanks for sharing the trip with great photos. Jim