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    They are present in NJ . Seem to be limited to Sussex county at this point . maybe Warren as well . Happy 4 th ! Joe
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    Neighborly Pine Snake

    The mole and especially the vole population should drop . Nice Snake !!
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    First Snake Of The Season

    Great find !!
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    It’s back: Khov @ Heritage Minerals

    Still not understanding how they can consider to build on a Nuclear Regulatory Clean -up site . Even if remediated , how can that be safe ?? Only 2 main roads in the area , 70 and 539 ...can't imagine the traffic .Would be as bad as No Jersey , possibly worse .
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    Brendan Byrne dead at 93

    Well said Ben !
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    Update on a Project...

    Mark Great work !! Well Done ! :)
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    Sunrise at Wescoat Bogs Tuesday, October 10

    Its' highly unlikely , but: I realize they have only been documented in No Western NJ .... Best Regards, Joe
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    Snake ID Please

    Jeff is correct Yes , that is a juvenile black rat snake !
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    Tick Ecology in NJ Pine Barrens?

    Hi Mark , I will state this : - I never encountered a Tick in Northern NJ or up-state NY . I'm serious .Why I don't know , I just never did . - Some people have theorized that the mosquito "control" methods used 30 -50 or so years ago at least kept them in check a bit ( ?) - There...
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    Will the real Pinelands please stand up.

    Thanks Boyd !
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    Will the real Pinelands please stand up.

    Agree 100 % ! Further to above post Any one have any idea why Southern Monmouth is/ has always been excluded , yet so very similar? Its' obviously built up , but the Pines seem to extend a bit in to Southern Monmouth ....Allaire , Shark River , etc are very similar soil , topography...
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    More Herp Fauna!

    Mark , Thanks for sharing ! Good pics and well written . I'm curious about the ribbon snake ( Only I would notice this :confused: ) : Is it me or is the specimen you photographed a bit "thick " ? I've never seen a ribbon with a similar girth . Maybe he / she had eaten ? possibly...
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    Heritage Minerals site

    This one is totally unconscionable .As Chris stated above , it has substantial amounts of threatened /endangered species .Seems Manchester can not get enough development : _ Taxes will skyrocket , schools will be overcrowded . - Proposed site is on a 2 lane road !! There are not enough roads...
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    Anyone Know What That Burnt Structure Is At Lake Horicon?

    Not certain about the fire . I'm there very often as well. It appears to be an abandoned blueberry farm. North of the structure , While overgrown , you can still clearly see the bushes in an organized formation . The building still standing appears to be a 1 car garage .The garage is made of...
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    Giant vacant lot in Smithville, NJ

    Thanks 46er , interesting !!