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    Whitesbog, July 18

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
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    Brendan Byrne State Forest on Saturday

    Aloha Jon, Have been living in Hawaii since 84 right next to Pearl Harbor. I grew up in Pemberton Boro and my brothers and I used to wander the woods between Pemberton and Birmingham. Some of my favorite memories are paddling up and down the Rancocas creek between New Lisbon and Mt Holly. It...
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    Brendan Byrne State Forest on Saturday

    Aloha Jon, Gorgeous shots, I really appreciate you sharing these shots!!! Makes me homesick.
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    Right on the edge...

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    Some shots from Saturday

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    New drone video

    Great video. If you get chance request some video from Whitesbog, Was my favorite place to go in the 70's and 80's.
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    Fierodoug's Pictures

    Really nice shot!!!!
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    Fierodoug's Pictures

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Please keep the Whitesbog photos coming. Always been my favorite spot,
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    Snowy Owl

    Aloha All, The story below is from the Honolulu Star Advertiser from 2012. A Snowy made it all the way to Honolulu Airport!! Owl's killing is defended as necessary for air safety By Rob Shikina POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Jan 25, 2012 A state Department of Transportation spokesman...
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    Random NJPB images

    Nice shots. I tend to agree with you on the high end point n shoots, but that may be that it is easier to lug around vice carrying a dslr. Thanks for sharing.
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    Whitesbog this morning

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    Whitesbog this morning

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
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    Pine Barren Tree Frog Hunt

    Aloha Guy, Yes, but grew up in Pemberton in the 60's and 70's. Maybe not a fill fledged piney, but did spend time cruisin Whitesbog and Lebanon State Forest. In the summers would take the canoe and paddle from New Lisbon to Mount Holly down Rancocas Run. Great memories!! I really love this...
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    Pine Barren Tree Frog Hunt

    Aloha Guy Those are outstanding!! Keep them coming! John Aloha
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    Aloha Rover, Wow....I well remember that store now. In the late 60's, early 70's my brothers and friends and I would hike along the railroad tracks from Pemberton Boro to go to the Ionac lake and would always make a point of stopping there for drinks and of course assorted sweets. I do not...