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    wow that's wild
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    i hear the kkk meet in the atco pines. any truth to that rumor?
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    Bats and a Snake

    that's a big snake
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    The Ramble Inn

    i love nesco and its inhabitant's, which i affectionently call "nesconians"
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    Teen tragedy hits S.J. again

    i'm confused on how he died. i read the article but i don't understand how you can die from having burning rubbing alcohol on your skin... don't they teach stop drop and roll in the boy scouts?
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    Coyote puppies

    coyote mountain is a good place to hear them at night. (it's near chatsworth) early in the morning, one of them walked right through our campsite, so watch yourself.
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    Spring so far:

    wow, that's really cool. you sure are good at finding them pines creatures. also the photos are really impressive.
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    Tracks blocked by thousands of trees

    i heard that it was done by the police. it gives them a clear view of the pit so they can see if people are riding quads or dirtbikes illegally.
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    Thanks Ben

    hilarious. what a clown! it's almost sad though, your website was clearly a major part of his life. he looks like he's on the verge of tears...
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    Bitten by a dog (DOG BITE PHOTO)

    that picture of the box is awesome.
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    Fire Breaks

    cool picture, i always wondered how those trenches were made
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    White Deer

    i've seen white deer in that area around taunton lake as well. must be a large population of them over there
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    snake milking

    it says he was drunk when he got bit. earlier that day the park rangers took away beer from his group of friends. alcohol and poisonious snakes don't mix