Boyd's Map of the Pines beta available

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    Boyd can answer that, but if you make a Google Earth KMZ file and open it in Google Earth you can zoom in closer but there is a quality loss.
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    I think the confusion might be in regard to the purpose of Mobile Atlas Creator. It is primarily intended as a program to compile imagery and export it in different formats for use with other software. So it is just showing you the actual pixels in each zoom level of the map. In other words, it's like viewing the image at 100% in Photoshop.

    Guy has the right idea here; you need to export the map in one of the supported formats and use another program (such as Google Earth or a smartphone app) to view it. That will allow you to "over zoom" the map. MOBAC isn't intended to be an all purpose program for using maps, it's a platform that allows me to distribute a map that you can then convert to whatever device and software you prefer.

    Here's an example using the Galileo app on the iPhone. The image on the left (1000 ft) is what you see in MOBAC at level 16. You can continue zooming in from that point, the app just enlarges the image.

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