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    Ticks can now ruin

    Likely another nail in the coffin leading to potentially huge repercussions against conservation and more so perhaps habitat preservation efforts. Lyme and other tick-borne illness is seen as just another reason for people to stay inside, thus fewer and fewer people with enough appreciation or...
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    NJ Forest Fire Impacts 30 Acres

    Gonna go out on a limb here....That looks like a disasterous example of a prescribed fire. Hard to tell the height of those trees but I suspect the end result like that should have been able to be avoided. That is simply not the desired result of a prescribed burn, period. Damn. Looks just like...
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    Real time wind....

    Awesome..... Good find, now to test it out! I've seen other live wind maps but certainly none that look so cool! :)
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    NJ Forest Fire Impacts 30 Acres

    So.....anyone have some post-fire forest pics we can see?
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    NJ Forest Fire Impacts 30 Acres

    Mostly true Ben, and my tone was probably a little one sided. I think you are underestimating how badly the pine barrens in general is starving for fire. They absolutely are, still. The Nj forestry service is absolutely slacking here. Probably a problem with underfunding, and/or understaffing...
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    NJ Forest Fire Impacts 30 Acres

    Side note: Speaking from experience a few years ago in the pines- May be wise to avoid the actual burned area for a day or two following the fire......Or, do so and expect to be: flagged down/stopped, questioned at length, and then asked if your map can be examined by the d**khead in the...
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    NJ Forest Fire Impacts 30 Acres

    'Wrong' according to whom? I.E., No, of course you're not. But do you think you'll hear that from many people, if you ask? Bottom line is, the powers that be in this case don't have the knowledge and/or balls to tell the guys to stand down and just keep an eye on things once they could...
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    The NEW Beer Thread

    ..........And two more- New Belgium's "Accumulation" seasonal white ale. Super smooth. And 21st Amendments' "Bitter American" 'session ale'. This beer is maybe the most 'drinkable' of all- so smooth that before you know it you've had a few in the time you'd drink one bottled beer, Lol...
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    The NEW Beer Thread

    Ok my humble two cents- would recommend any of these to anyone. No cheap brews here but you get what you pay for. If I can't get a quality beer than I just refrain from drinking. This may make me a 'beer snob' but I'm ok with that. LOL Some top notch Stouts- Schlafly Coffee stout, out of St...
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    Slow site?

    I saw this thread title and immediately figured it was lamenting the lack of forum activity lately.....Probably just me and my personal interests....And ironically of course this particular thread is very active lol
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    True Piney Environment

    Coming from a confirmed Lyme carrier myself, I would say brace for an epidemic, for lack of a less dramatic term. Also I strongly believe it is severely underdiagnosed in the eastern US as of now. Bothers me that those guys are out 365 days a year now it seems, really all through the...
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    Keep an eye out for this barrens trasher

    Wanted to post this before I forgot, this was a serious concern of mine this past summer re: habitat destruction in the barrens, wanton and unjustifiable. I happened upon the suspect as she was heading out of the forest on a sand road navigable only with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. A very large...
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    Proposed natural gas pipeline through the NJPB's?

    Thanks Dogg. Missed that one.
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    Proposed natural gas pipeline through the NJPB's?

    Below is a link to what I just found out is a propsed natural gas pipeline that would travel, at least partially, through the pinelands, and ending at Beesly's point in Cape May county. Can anyone here share more about anything about this, esp. the proposed right-of-way/ line of disturbance-? I...
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    "STOP IT"

    HILARIOUS....-ly stupid