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    I was at Batsto yesterday and picked one off of my girlfriends jeans. They are back
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    Tuesday with Alfie

    great photos And that light house, is that right along the maurice river?
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    Time Lapse Photography

    very nice, really enjoy them
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    On the Trail of Y-Buc Bill

    sounds good
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    Motion Camera

    haha, thats funny
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    Time Lapse Photography

    very nice keep them coming
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    Time Lapse Photography

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    Seeing yellow

    I'm not positive but if I had to guess I would say what hewey said
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    Kayaker/Canoe ers

    I normally bring a bike along with my truck. But this limits you to short trips and you can't be in a time crunch. We normally just end up doing the wading (Hawkins to Evans), but i'm not complaining as long as i can get out on the river. It is a little over 3 miles by bike(about 20 minutes)...
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    controlled burns

    great photo
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    A walk in the snow

    wish that was my backyard
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    Not to Hijack, but any news on the dog?
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    nice photos and report and love the new pup
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    The lure of Cumberland County

    Maybe it is just me, but I don't see any pictures