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    Swimming in clay/sand mines...

    Yeah, that whole "Tiger Mountain" in the middle of the swamp never seemed quite right. But Bobby Bare is still awesome.
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    Wolfspider found the W.P. 1700 stone!

    That's great sleuthing, Guy. Nice write-up on Ebenezer Tucker here:
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    Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey

    My daughter and I got to Twin Lights this year, and it was gorgeous.
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    Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey

    Outstanding photos, 46er! If you got to Machias Seal Island, that's really hard core, congratulations! I've always wanted to go there. Isn't that still the still-disputed boundary between US and Canada? My wife, daughter, and I did the 2009 "Light Across the Border" Lighthouse Challenge, which...
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    Hunting in the Parker Preserve

    Yes. But I completely understand the sentiment. There was a moment during my last year of law school where I found myself sitting at a conference room table with about a dozen people. Everybody was talking over each other, nobody was listening, everybody obviously thought that their opinion was...
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    Webster's Second

    My 85 year old law partner has one in his office on a beautiful stand, and I'm pretty sure it's that edition. I sneak in there all the time when he's not in his office (and every now and then when he is) to look things up; it's wonderful.
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    'Witmer Stone Weekend'—For Nature Lovers, Plant Enthusiasts, and South Jersey History Buffs

    Details here. Posted by Sue Detmire on Facebook.
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    Storm Stories

    That's pretty ugly. I feel for you.
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    Drove my wife and daughter past this pink quilt studio last year when it was still land-borne.
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    "Driverless" ATV seen on Route 18

    I'll definitely wait until harvest season has passed. I wouldn't want to interfere with anyone who is making money in this economic climate.
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    "Driverless" ATV seen on Route 18

    Yeah, drove by today, it's hard to get there from the Evesham Road side, and getting there from the Voorhees side the vegetation is very lush.
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    "Driverless" ATV seen on Route 18

    Right. Now you've got me intrigued, I'd like to walk down there and look around.